MTV Argues Fabolous During Hottest MCs


You think you know, but you have no idea.

Sure, the MTV Brain Trust announced the final 2010 list for the Hottest MCs in the Game last on October 24, but there are parts you didn't see. For every B.o.B mention, there was another MC that someone felt deserved to a slot on the Hottest roundup but didn't make it. So now, we're serving up the bubble list, comprised of MCs some of the Brain Trust thought earned a Hottest spot but didn't garner enough votes.

We began with Lloyd Banks, Gucci Mane and Wiz Khalifa, and Monday belongs to Brooklyn's mixtape monster Fabolous. Lights out.

"Fab made the list last year, I voted for him to get on this list this year," said MTV News' Shaheem Reid, beginning the debate. "I thought Fab had arguably the mixtape of the year with Funeral Service, him and Rick Ross, and that Albert Anastasia mixtape, battled it out for mixtape of the year. Fab created a whole movement on the underground, he has 'Lights Out' right now and 'Body Ya.' "

"He was one of my favorite "Mixtape Daily" segments that me and Rahman did," Reid continued. "We went out to the funeral home in Harlem, we made a whole movie and that's what he did with his mixtape. He carried the momentum from the Loso's Way album last year. Usually Fab'll put an album out, he'll go on tour and then he'll just chill for a minute and then he comes back out with another album. But he knew that he had a lot of momentum so he kept the streets hot by shooting viral videos."

Not only did Fabolous keep his fans awash with material, he has a knack for social marketing that most MCs—barring his former rival Soulja Boy—can claim.

"His Twitter game is remarkable," said Sway, reflecting on the "RapFix Live" show where he interviewed the Brooklyn MC. "He came on 'RapFix Live' and started the hashtag #reallymeans and that became trending."

However Fabolous didn't make the Hottest MCs cut for a reason and MTV News' Sean Lee kicked off the conversation.

"There are also those certain hip-hop artists that are singles-driven and album-driven artists," began Lee. "Fab is not necessarily killing it on radio in the rest of the country the same way he is in New York when he's off cycle."

"Last year he had an album out, and like Sha was saying, a lot of this was spawned by the Funeral Service mixtape," added MTV News' Rahman Dukes. "He's taking a recipe from Jay, where you drop an album then a mixtape and do a couple guest features. All the reasons people are in favor of putting him on the list, are because he's been killing all of these guest appearances. Kudos to him, the mixtape he probably didn't think would be that successful, it spawned an EP. Fab's just doing what he's supposed to do, but I think we'll see the real movement next year when he puts out that album."

Do you think Fabolous earned his spot on the bubble list, or should he have made the Hottest MCs in the Game? Tweet us at @MTVRapFix or tell us in a comment below!