Comedic Rap Duo It's The Real Debut 'My Girl's A Republican'

By Paul Cantor

Mid term election day is tomorrow, so it’s only fitting that hip-hop weigh in. But there’s no Chuck D or Dead Prez here. Actually, this message is coming from an unlikely source, hip-hop comedy sketch duo, It’s The Real. Brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, who recently launched their Hype Men podcast, are making their first serious foray into music with an upcoming comedy rap album. Their first single is “My Girl’s a Republican,” a humorous ode to women from the red states, because those conservatives really know how to party.

“[Our album is] a full deconstruction of rap; the audio version of our popular online videos,” says Eric Rosenthal. “ ‘My Girl's a Republican,’ takes on today's political climate, and tomorrow's important midterm elections. We felt the timing was perfect for this video and song, so we put a good amount of work into the last week, culminating in a 15 hour Saturday spent in a friend's garage, filming the product you see today.”

The song finds Eric and Jeff rhyming tongue in cheek about the fabulousity of Republican chicks. On the first verse, Jeff raps whimsically, “When it comes to pleasing men she’s learned from the best/ Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, Tom Foley and the rest.” His brother Eric follows suit on the second, spitting, “My lady parties like she just got cash from Michael Steele/ like Roe vs. Wade my baby got that sex appeal ... her giggle makes me feel complete/ she loves to laugh at the people living in the street.”

When you hit the polls tomorrow to vote, see if you can snag yourself a Republican girl.

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