Jay-Z to Jeezy: 10 Rappers Who Should Run For Political Office

By Chris Yuscavage

What Chicago rapper Rhymefest is going through right now is anything but politics as usual.

While most rappers spend their time dealing with label politics—as in, "When is my album coming out?!"—'Fest is gearing up to take part in a different sort of politics: He recently announced that he's going to make a run for political office in the Windy City by entering his name into the mix for Chicago's November General Election to try and become an alderman in the city's 20th Ward. "The 20th Ward in Chicago needs helps," he tweeted last week.

"Shorties are out here selling dope to pay the family bills. Grandmothers are raising their children's children, people and unemployed and under employed and leadership is absent!" he tweeted.

It's a relatively unique power play for a rapper to make a pitch for political office, but it's not the first time we've thought about what it might be like for an MC to assume some type of role in politics. In fact, just last week we posted a story about the possibility of Jay-Z joining President Obama's 2012 campaign staff.

So today, in honor of Rhymefest's announcement and voting day tomorrow, RapFix came up with 10 other rappers who should consider running for political office. These guys would definitely get our vote if they ever decided to put their names on a ballot.

The Rapper: Jay-Z

The Political Office He Could Hold: Borough President of Brooklyn

His Qualifications: Jay's been holding BK down through his music for more than a decade now. But, more importantly to the people of NYC's biggest borough, he's been influential in helping bring the NBA's New Jersey Nets to BK's Atlantic Yards complex, a move that should help the local economy. It's also put him in touch with BK's current Borough President. So, how long until President Carter becomes, well, President Carter?

The Rapper: Bun B

The Political Office He Could Hold: Congressman for Texas

His Qualifications: J. Cole recorded a song called "Bun B For President" earlier this year, but we're going to set Bun's sights on a slightly more realistic goal. Would it be easy for Bun to score a seat in Texas? Probably not (word to Ron Paul!) but he's definitely got the wisdom and the worldly experience to help make a different there. Plus, who doesn't like Bun B?!

The Rapper: Snoop Dogg

The Political Office He Could Hold: Governor of California

His Qualifications: Hey, if Arnold freakin' Schwarzenegger can serve as Governor of the Golden State, why can't Snoop? He's got our vote.

The Rapper: Redman

The Political Office He Could Hold: Newark School Superintendent

His Qualifications: Between the $100 million Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg just donated to the city's schools and the 18 bucks Red still has stashed away in his dollar box (shout out to MTV Cribs!), we're pretty sure Newark's educational problems would be solved in no time!

The Rapper: Lil Wayne

The Political Office He Could Hold: U.S. Senator for the state of Louisiana

His Qualifications: Post-Hurricane Katrina, Weezy's been one of the most vocal rappers when it comes to calling out the federal government for failing to help rebuild his part of New Orleans, so there's a chance he could actually make a real difference in a political role. Free Lil Tunechi!

The Rapper: Luther Campbell

The Political Office He Could Hold: Head of the Florida Tourism Board

His Qualifications: The Sunshine State has been having trouble attracting tourists thanks to the BP oil spill that occurred earlier this year. But if you give folks a taste of an Uncle Luke party, we're sure they'll all come back... in droves ... every weekend.

The Rapper: Talib Kweli

The Political Office He Could Hold: New York State Legislative Political Organizer

His Qualifications: He represents the people, he speaks out against injustices and he uses his music to give a voice to the voiceless. Basically, he already does this job and doesn't get paid for it. Send in your resume ASAP, dude!

The Rapper: Eightball

The Political Office He Could Hold: Head of Tennessee's Department of Health

His Qualifications: Earlier this year, the overweight rapper of 8Ball & MJG fame declared that he was trying to shed a few pounds. "I'm getting older everyday, so I just changed the way I eat," he said. "I ain't trying to get heroin chic, but I want to be healthy." So, how's he doing it? "Walking, walking dogs, treadmills," he said. Whew, does that not inspire you want to go hit the gym?

The Rapper: Nelly

The Political Office He Could Hold: St. Louis Collector of Revenue

His Qualifications: After all that this guy's done to put the city on the map? Every dollar it makes should go directly through him. Just saying.

The Rapper: Young Jeezy

The Political Office He Could Hold: Mayor of Atlanta

His Qualifications: He puts onnnnnnnnn for his city! And, really: What more do you need out of a mayor?

Which rappers do you think would make a real difference if they got into politics? Tweet us at @MTVRapFix or tell us in a comment below!