Lil Wayne Protégé Shanell Releases 'It's The Beat' Video

By Jayson Rodriguez

Lil Wayne protégé Shanell AKA SNL is a creative creature, with credits as a songwriter, fashion designer and director all under her colorful belt.

For her latest effort, the Atlanta singer hijacks Simian Mobile Disco's "It's The Beat,” a sparse, electro number, and remixes it into her own pulsating, driving track.

Shanell recently directed a clip for the song and in it she travels from the A’s Fox Theater to the copy shop (Yes, you read that right. Strange.) to the gym and finally to the club, bobbing her head along to the beat in her headphones.

She eventually meets the guy of her dreams ... for that night.

But instead of living in bliss, there’s a part two, Lil Wayne’s “Ground Zero,” also starring Shanell, continues the story, however, that visual leaked prior to “It’s The Beat.”

So much for happy endings.

After seeing you in a video like “Prom Queen,” this one is a bit different.

Definitely. I wanted to show my fun side and, you know, more playful side. I think I’m playful in interviews, but on stage I’m so in the moment. So I don’t want to scare people. I thought, let me show them I can laugh and have fun, too.

When did you come up with the concept for this video? As a songwriter, do the lyrics and visual come simultaneous for you?

It came a lot later. That’s what happens a lot. I’m listening to the song on the airplane and I might close my eyes and see something. That’s how that song for the mixtape actually happened. I was listening to a bunch of songs and thought, I like this, I wanna be on this, matter of fact, I’m gonna put myself on it. So I remade that song and the way I felt on the plane, when I was bobbin’ my head and the people sitting next to me were looking at me crazy, I thought that’s a moment a lot of people can relate to: Just being in the moment with your headphones on signing out loud.

That slide of yours down the railing of the steps was pretty impressive.

Oh, yeah. We did that a few times. It wasn’t so graceful all the other times. [Laughs] We kept the one that looked best.

Those twins you have a dance off with are pretty famous in Atlanta, right?

The kid part was funny. I was just in downtown Atlanta and there was some kind of show that was letting out at the Fox and I just happened to be on that street at the time. The two twins, they were out there and I thought let’s do something together. We talked about it for two seconds and went in and started battling each other.

For most people seeing this video, they should know that there is a sequel, correct?

“It’s The Beat” was suppose to be let out first, but some how “Ground Zero” got leaked but I really wanted “It’s The Beat” to come out first. Because the party scene is where I meet this guy that, you know ... we leave the party together. [Laughs] I’m trying to figure out how to say that. We leave the party together and you see him laying next to me when I’m leaving the next morning for my excursion in the morning for “Ground Zero.”

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