J.Cole Says Debut LP May Drop In December

By D.L. Chandler

Fayettevile, North Carolina MC J. Cole is hoping to change his city's perception.

The small town MC—with big city friends like Jay-Z—aims to alter his hometown’s notoriety by employing a relentless work ethic. From heavy touring and recording to releasing an as-yet-untitled mixtape and the new feather in the young Roc Nation artist’s cap: production, he's hustling. With the debut of his album on the way, which some think will be called Cole World but the MC himself denies, his fans are eager for more of what the Southern gentleman has in store.

“The album… it could be in December, it could be in January," Cole explained to New York's Hot 97 radio DJ Funkmaster Flex. "I’m not sure. It all depends. I always say I want the most people to want my album to come out. I don’t wanna come out and do low numbers and just have my fans pleased. I want to reach the masses."

Elsewhere, J.Cole projected that some fans would divide their allegiance between his upcoming mixtape and his first full-length album.

“I just figured out all the songs that I’m ready to let go for the mixtape,” J.Cole told Goodfella Media. “The album still sounds like an album. It’s still big but I know it’s gonna be people that will like the mixtape more than the album.”

The Roc Nation affiliation has certainly afforded J.Cole a platform he didn't have with his first mixtape The Come Up in 2007. With his second mixtape, The Warm Up, Hollywood Cole found both fame and his record deal thus eventually appearing on his Jay-Z’s last album The Blueprint 3. With a smattering of verses and freestyles peppered throughout the blogosphere since his start, J.Cole's done well in keeping his buzz afloat.

While the MC has worked alongside producers like No I.D., Pharrell Williams, Jim Jonsin and Hi-Tek, he has begun crafting his own tracks for the bulk of his debut, something that has been in the works for some time.

“It’s like the reverse Kanye,” said Cole, who names Kanye West as one of his favorite artists. “His beats were the door to people seeing how good his rhymes were. Obviously my situation is a little different. My rhymes is gonna open up people’s ears to be susceptible to how good my beats are.”

The North Carolinian expects to announce the release for his upcoming mixtape soon.

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