Drake To Waka Flocka: 10 Rap-Inspired Halloween Costumes

By Chris Yuscavage

You waited until the last minute again, didn’t you?

Obviously, you didn’t learn a thing after you threw together that lame Lady Gaga costume last Halloween and looked like half of the other people at the club. You didn’t even have to foresight to fork over $5.99 (plus shipping and handling!) for the Waka Flocka Flame mask that’s been up on the Warner Bros. Records site for almost a month now—just in case you forgot to put together a Halloween costume. Darn it!

No worries. If you’re a rap fan, putting together a half-decent costume at the last minute has become an annual ritual. From the time you threw on the same outfit you were wearing earlier in the day—backwards— and went out as Kris Kross (yikes!) to the time bleached your hair, threw on a white T-shirt and went out as Eminem (double yikes!), rap fans know how to come up with clever Halloween outfits on the fly.

So if you’re still struggling to land on the perfect costume this year, look no further than your favorite rapper. And if that doesn’t help? Well, check out these 10 rap-inspired Halloween costumes that RapFix hatched. It’s our treat to you.

The Rapper: Nicki Minaj
The Materials You’ll Need To Look Like Her: A colorful wig, some glitter and a revealing outfit
The Reaction You’ll Get: “WOW!” OK, not really. If we had to guess, 98.7% of all girls are going as Nicki this year, so your costume isn’t gonna be super original. But thanks to the simple nature of the costume, no one will know that you didn’t even realize it was almost Halloween until Saturday afternoon. Just be prepared to defend yourself—people love to hate on Nicki.

The Rapper: Drake
The Materials You’ll Need To Look Like Him: A denim jacket, two large, bushy eyebrows and a Toronto Blue Jays fitted cap
The Reaction You’ll Get: Face it: You’re probably not gonna have chicks throwing their panties at you like the real Drizzy. But there is a pretty good chance you’re gonna end up getting tagged in a whole lot of Facebook photos with captions like, “I beeeeeeet I found your loooooove!”—especially by the chicks who come dressed up as Nicki.

The Rapper: Young Jeezy
The Materials You’ll Need To Look Like Him: A Bic razor (to get a fresh baldy), a black bandanna, a stack of Monopoly money rubber-banded together and a crispy white Tee
The Reaction You’ll Get: Just a warning: There will be a lot of people walking up to you and asking you when the hell you’re planning on dropping Thug Motivation 103 … including a few people from the MTV News staff. Just tell them it’s “coming soon” and keep it moving.

The Rapper: Shyne
The Materials You’ll Need To Look Like Him: A weird haircut and a stack of apology letters made out to “Chairman Reid”
The Reaction You’ll Get: Once they get done asking you the obvious questions (“Did your barber’s clippers run out of juice before he finished your cut?”), they’ll welcome you home—er, to their Halloween party—with open arms. Well, everyone except the guy dressed up like Diddy who will, of course, be headed in the opposite direction before you even finish explaining how you thought up the costume. D’ah well!

The Rapper: Kanye West
The Materials You’ll Need To Look Like Him: A bright orange suit, a pair of bright orange sneakers, black shades and a gold spray-painted lawn ornament to hang around your neck
The Reaction You’ll Get: A toast for the ——bag!

The Rapper: Vado
The Materials You’ll Need To Look Like Him: All Polo everything!
The Reaction You’ll Get: A bunch of people thinking you’re supposed to be dressed up as a preppy. Tell ’em to stop it, sliiiiiiiiiiiiime!

The Rapper: Wiz Khalifa
The Materials You’ll Need To Look Like Him: A pair of jeans and every temporary tatt that you can get your hands on between now and the weekend
The Reaction You’ll Get: Expect every stoner at your Halloween party of choice to ask you if you know where to score a dime bag. Sorry, man—it just comes with the territory.

The Rapper: Lil Wayne
The Materials You’ll Need To Look Like Him: An orange prison jumpsuit, just as many temporary tatts as you’d need for the Wiz Khalifa costume (if not more!) and a pair of handcuffs
The Reaction You’ll Get: Gasp! Oh, tell them to chill out. You’re not Weezy in jail. You’re Weezy breaking out of jail. Next week, when he’s finally released! Talk about perfect timing …

The Rapper: Rick Ross
The Materials You’ll Need To Look Like Him: A pillow (or two) to throw under your shirt, a fake Abe Lincoln-esque beard, bootleg Louis V shades (see here for reference) and a chain with a picture of your face on the end of it
The Reaction You’ll Get: “BAWSE!” But for obvious reasons, just don’t stand too close to Lil Wayne.

The Rapper: 50 Tyson
The Materials You’ll Need To Look Like Him: The clothes you wore yesterday and a Flip Cam
The Reaction You’ll Get: “Yo, who are you?” “Who are you supposed to be?” “Don’t you know it’s Halloween? Why aren’t you wearing a costume?” Your response: “I ain’t gonna lie…I’M 50 TYSON!” Hey, you came to us last minute. Did you really expect all 10 ideas to be good? Happy Halloween!

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