MTV Argues Gucci Mane During 2010's Hottest MCs


You think you know, but you have no idea.

Sure, the MTV Brain Trust announced our final 2010 list for the Hottest MCs in the Game last Sunday (October 24), but there are parts you didn't see. For every Kanye West mention, there was another MC that someone felt deserved to a slot on the Hottest list but didn't make it. So this week, we're serving up the bubble list, comprised of MCs some of the Brain Trust thought earned a Hottest slot but didn't garner enough votes.

We began with Lloyd Banks and today Brick Squad's Gucci Mane is the second MC that some thought deserved a slot on Hottest this year, including Kanye.

"How they ain't gone have Gucci on the top 10 list this year???" the Chicago MC-cum-director tweeted.

Sway began the MTV Brain Trust conversation on how Gucci almost made the final list.

"He just dropped his album The Appeal and he's got the "Gucci Time" single out," said Sway. "At this time last year, it's Gucci who was actually #6 and I remember how much controversy came behind that pick."

MTV News' Steven Roberts who voted for Gucci in 2009, explained why he wasn't as impressed with La Fare in 2010.

"Gucci is one of my favorite artists, but I think the thing that hurts him this year is that coming out of jail last year, he had all of this momentum behind him," explained Roberts. "He had a barrage of mixtapes, which he does have this year, but they just don't have that same energy that they had last year."

"Last year you had the movie and the entire Burrrprint series, and then he had The State Vs. Radric Davis and I think that did amazing," Roberts continued. "He went to jail before the album dropped, but it still carried out that momentum throughout the year with songs like "Lemonade" and "Wasted" which was one of those big songs that everyone gravitated toward. Whether you were from southern hip-hop, east coast hip-hop or an indie rock kid, everyone can gravitate toward getting wasted and partying. This year, he doesn't have that big record. "Gucci Time" should've been a much bigger record than it what it is. The album's still good, but I don't know if it's good enough to put him on the list for this year."

In the past, Gucci guested alongside Mariah Carey with "Obsessed" and Mario's "Break Up" featuring Sean Garrrett, each of reached the Billboard charts. The same scenario wasn't true for 2010.

"Gucci didn't have the big mainstream guest appearances this year," said MTV News' Shaheem Reid. "He didn't have the Mariah Carey look, he didn't have the Mario "BreakUp.' "

"Stepping off the stage for a minute created that for him," said MTV News' Sean Lee. "It just took that momentum away because, particularly with those mainstream records, it's on to the next hot radio person of the moment."

But while the pop crowd may've left Gucci Mane alone, the mixtape crowd is still spinning the Georgia native's music.

"He's still got the street love," added Reid. "That 'Steady Mobbin' ' with Wayne, [where Gucci raps] 'What the f--- is this, Guccci Mane the G.' On [Rick Ross'] 'MC Hammer' he got busy too, like, 'OK, Gucci's spitting a little bit."

Ultimately, the mixture of street heat and Ricky Rozay features wasn't enough to garner Gucci Mane a spot on 2010's Hottest MCs in the Game.

"Certain artists need that pressure on them," said MTVU's Yomi Desalu. "With the last album, he knew he was going in so he had to have something that was going to be sustainable for a period of time while he was in jail. Since he's come out, I was really expecting a lot more. Maybe he was just comfortable being out and he didn't really have the pressure on him to introduce himself to a broader audience like he did with the last album. Maybe he thought 'I could take my time with this and try different things' that for this round table didn't really work."

Do you think Gucci Mane earned his spot on the bubble list, or should he have made the Hottest MCs in the Game? Tweet us at @MTVRapFix or tell us in a comment below!