Danny Brown Talks Possible G-Unit Signing And Rock Inspiration

By Alvin Blanco

On Tuesday (October 26) Danny Brown performed at Def Jam's Cipher Sessions show, the first of a monthly showcase held at New York City venue S.O.B.’s. The Detroit rapper surely gained more fans after his set, opening for Big Sean, Emilio Rojas, Cur@!n$ and others, but one of his biggest supporters to date has been G-Unit's own Tony Yayo. And while Big Sean who headlined the event calls Def Jam and G.O.O.D. Music home, Brown is still working on his label situation. RapFix pried some more info out of the Motor City wordsmith on where he may be going and what rock star gives him inspiration.

Everyone is going to be asking about the possibility of Danny Brown joining G-Unit, so what of it?

I mean hey, that’s the big homies. Like I said… [laughs] as far as G-Unit go, they got a lot of stuff they doing so I don’t know. It’s all on Fif at the end of the day.

What are one of the biggest lessons you've learned from being on the road with G-Unit and watching how the mainstream side of rap works compared to the underground?

I feel like the mainstream is blind to what’s going on in the underground while the underground, we know everything that’s going on, 'cause we underground. I can say at the end of the day it didn’t make me want to be a major artist. I’m happy with being underground. It just made me care more about the music than the business side. I can see how you can get so caught up in the business that the music will start to suffer. I’d rather just be concentrated on my music and hopefully when I’m gone it’ll mark the test of time. Hopefully kids will be learning from me in 2050, instead of just being a gone, forgotten hip-hop artist. I’m trying to make my mark musically more so than business wise.

Is there any artist whose career trajectory you’d like to eventually mirror?

Jack White from the White Stripes. He’s been signed to an indie label—they just signed to Warner Brothers with their last album, which was cool—but pretty much he won Grammys on indie labels. That’s how I look at it. You can win Grammys and you can go platinum and do everything you want to do [on] an indie, if you’re music is that good. So Jack White is my biggest influence.

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