Kanye West Says 'Good Friends' Helped Him Through Grief


By Vanessa Denis

During Kanye West's intimate interview with MTV last weekend after the premiere of his "Runaway" film, the MC spoke about his mother's death and who he turns to for support.

“Well, I got a team of people around me that’s been around for years and years," said West, sporting a black V-neck and blazer complimented by layers of gold chains, which he wore during his VMA performance, "Sakiyah, Don C ... like unwavering, no matter the highs and the lows, just being around really, really good friends."

Mr. West stated that his work kept him grounded as well.

“Also I just zone, I put a lot of the work into the music” said 'Ye. “I completely give all of myself into what I can give the world. I serve as a vessel of ideas and creativity, if I’m around creative people … I feel like a brand new artist, this ['Runaway' film] is my College Dropout of visuals.”

Many can agree that West gives one-hundred percent during his live shows too. For example, including ballerinas in his VMA performance shows the MC is trying to go outside of himself as well as the expectations for hip-hop artists.

“I just decided about a week ago that I will become the best rapper of all time," he said with a straight face. "I put it on my ‘things to do in this lifetime’ list.”

And since Mr. West can cross film director off of his bucket list, he can fully focus on taking over the rap game by following a few of his mentors. But how?

“You have Eminem, Wayne ... my big brother [Jay-Z], it’s amazing, then you have Biggie and Pac also so it’s gonna be a lot of rapping.” Kanye answered.

“And then you got new artists like Big Sean, Cyhi Da Prince,” he continued. "With Big Sean’s growth and for him to be only 20 now, I’m just happy I’ll be directing plays at a certain point but they coming up—but before then, I’m definitely gonna become the best rapper of all time.”

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