Nicki Minaj Channels Queens Hometown In 'Right Thru Me' Video

Like Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in "Coming to America," if you want to find a queen, you go to Queens ... New York that is.

Nicki Minaj premiered her toned-down video for "Right Thru Me" on MTV Wednesday (October 27), and it's nothing like her Korean-inspired "Check It Out" clip that dropped Tuesday. Ditching her clones—along with's— our #6 Hottest MC in the Game, sporting pedestrian clothing, looks like she's about to purchase a mixtape on the borough's Jamaica Avenue.

The opening frame of "Right Thru Me" shows Nicki arguing in a kitchen with a man that seems to be her boyfriend. The two argue about whether he's "disrespecting her" by talking behind her back, and he threatens to leave after the MC breaks a glass in frustration. Then Nicki, sporting black wavy hair and pink fingernails, cuddles her gent, apologizes for over-reacting and asks him to stay. "You have to trust me," he whispers to her.

The clip then bounces between shots of the couple talking tenderly and Nicki preventing the gentlemen from driving away by refusing to leave the driver's seat of his car.

"You make me laugh / You make me hoarse from yelling at you and getting at you," she rhymes. "Why are you speaking when no one asked you?"

In between the scenes, video director Diane Martel inserted frames of Nicki behind a full-length window covered with steam as she sings the chorus. Ultimately, the clip is one of the first opportunities for the femcee's fans to get a glimpse of what she looks like in casual attire, which matches the aesthetic of the song.

Like the stream-covered door after she wipes away the condensation, Nicki's "Right Thru Me" allows fans to see her clearly and without any pretense.

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