T.I. Ordered To Report To Previous Arkansas Prison By November 1

By Bridget Bland

T.I. is having a hard week.

The Atlanta rapper, whose real name is Clifford Harris, Jr., was recently sentenced to 11 months in prison for violating the terms of his federal probation. Tip has now been ordered to report to the same Arkansas low-security federal prison, where he served parts of his prior 10-month stint on federal weapons charges, on November 1.

Recently, Axe deodorant dropped him from their ad campaign, stating that the company was “troubled” by his recent drug possession arrest. Remy Martin also announced they’d be severing ties with T.I. who was named the cognac brand’s Global Creative Consultant in June. They released a statement saying “Sometimes the ‘road to redemption’ is a difficult path. Regrettably, we will not be able to continue collaborating with T.I. at this time.”

So the Grand Hustle chief's new focus is tying up loose ends and prepping his album, which he won’t be able to promote in person because he’ll be back in jail.

T.I. hit up ‘The Ricky Smiley Morning Show’ earlier this week to announce that he’s decided to change his album title from King Uncaged to No Mercy. Although he originally planned for a more ‘celebratory’ sound, his current legal woes will most likely impact the project’s sound.

“Believe it or not, man, I’m not that busy,” he told the Atlanta-based morning radio program. “I got ‘bout one thing to do,” referring to his upcoming jail sentence.

Tip said his advice would be to tell people to “try to always stay out here working,” adding “I have indulged in spending, but I always try to keep working.”

The embattled MC said he’s planning to shoot a few videos in the coming days and to deliver his album to the world.

But, in some good news, the Los Angeles County District Attorney rejected the drug case stemming from his arrest on September 1 and will not go forward with charges because he’s already headed to prison due to violating his federal probation. TMZ reports that there were also legal issues over whether police officers had probable cause which led to T.I.’s arrest.

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