MTV Argues Lloyd Banks As Hottest MCs' '10 And A Half'


You think you know, but you have no idea.

Sure, the MTV Brain Trust announced our final 2010 list for the Hottest MCs in the Game last Sunday (October 24), but there are parts you didn't see. For every Drake mention, there was another MC that someone felt deserved to a slot on the Hottest list but didn't make it. So this week, we're serving up the bubble list, comprised of MCs some of the Brain Trust thought earned a Hottest slot but didn't garner enough votes.

G-Unit's Lloyd Banks, who several of us thought deserved a chance on the Hottest MCs in the Game, kicks off our list.

The “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” rapper stopped by Charlotte, North Carolina’s Power 98 radio station and shared his thoughts on not making the list.

“Just put me at 10 and a half,” said Banks when asked what he’d change on the list. “What is honorable mention? It’s a lot of different things. Wayne did a terrific job of flooding the market before he went in, B.o.B is a dope artist ... It’s hard, I’m not going to complain, just put me 10 and a half.”

While Lloyd Banks didn’t make our top 10 Hottest MCs list, there was a serious discussion of his candidacy for #10.

“The dudes in G-Unit have always been catching flack for ‘riding 50’s coat tails,’ and we know what 50’s been going through these last two years, so for anyone to come from out that group and have any sign of success, that’s a factor,” argued MTV News’ Rahman Dukes. “ ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley’? Let’s not even talk about how much noise that caused, that was one of the records to come out of New York and spread to other regions, [including] Atlanta, Houston and Chicago. It went gold and it brought back a sense of unity to New York.”

"You might want to shout out 50 Cent also for having the discipline to allow his artists to shine," said MTV Jams' Tuma Basa.

But Dukes argued that the G-Unit general has always supportive of his artists' personal careers.

However MTV News' Steven Roberts said that Banks had taken his presence a step further by becoming more universal.

“I think Banks has definitely broken out of that shadow to do his own thing and establishing his own name," said Roberts. "Everyone knew that Banks could spit. But I think this year, he’s started making these songs, and being more creative in terms of what he wanted to do and becoming Lloyd Banks instead of Lloyd Banks of G-Unit."

Building on his legacy as a mixtape artist and punchline king, Banks beefed up his mixtape hustle in the last twelve months.

“You’ve got to applaud just what Banks does on the underground mixtape level," said MTV News' Shaheem Reid. "Last year, he put out five mixtapes, that was his 5 Series, the last V.5 actually came out in December of last year and that started his momentum into ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley,’ which was a record that they just threw out and it, just like Rahman said, just resonated."

The song became MTV's Jam of the Week,' but it was its regional cache that really moved the needle. Banks' underground track even influenced Justin Bieber's recent lyrics on his 'Speaking In Tungs' remix, because the teen star borrowed lines from a Canadian MC named Tory Lanez who remixed ... what else, Banks' "Beamer, Benz or Bentley."

"A lot of New York songs don’t get played in Atlanta," admitted Reid. "You go to the Velvet Room in Atlanta and you see them just go as crazy as for ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley’ as they would for ‘Lose My Mind’ by Young Jeezy which is great. I heard some of Banks’ album and I think next year, he’s going to make a real real run for this list."

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