Drake Will Release New It's Never Enough Singles In November


By Jayson Rodriguez

A funny thing happened to Drake on the way to finishing his R&B mixtape, It’s Never Enough. The Toronto lyricist found himself spitting more instead of crooning.

“I been rapping a lot lately,” Drake explained about the potential delay of the project. “Me and 40 have been doing some great rap music. So I sort of took a hiatus on the R&B for a second. It’s cool to do R&B, I love it. But it’s just hard for me to always commit to it. Because some nights I get in there and 40’s beats, as melodic or R&B-driven as they may be, just have that right pocket that I just wanna spit.”

He’s only released one track from It’s Never Enough since he announced the project earlier this year. The TLC homage, “I Get Lonely, Too,” finds the Thank Me Later star (reeaallly) dialing up his sensitive side.

“I’m still sitting here alone,” he sings over 40’s nimble production. “We should have did this already.”

"I'm envious of friends of mine that have great committed relationships," Drake told MTV News' Sway last month about the sentiments behind the song. "When people call home to check on their girl or they say, 'I'm not going to go out tonight. I'm just going to spend the night with my girl.' That hits me, man. I just don't have that."

Not long ago, we rounded up a few starlets who we thought Drizzy could date to resolve his loneliness, and you, the fans, voted that the Toronto MC should get cozy with singer Keri Hilson.

Next up, Drake plans to put out two more tracks from It’s Never Enough, tentatively the first or second week of November, when he completes his Light Dreams and Nightmares tour.

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