Jay-Z Says 'Decoded' Clues 'Relate To Each Other'


By Hillary Crosley with reporting by Rahman Dukes

Last week, RapFix journeyed to Miami—we know, hard work— to watch rapper and music mogul Jay-Z introduce his partnership with the Microsoft search engine Bing in support of his upcoming memoir "Decoded."

“We just took these pages and we just threw them out to the world, almost like a sampling," said Jay-Z. And just in case anyone thought these were dummy excerpts, the business man clarified by saying "You know, these are the real pages, you’re getting to read some of the book."

The event complimenting the "Decoded" scavenger hunt was held at the plush Delano Hotel and attracted press, a few Miami Dolphins and Jay's wife Beyoncé. Naturally, the hotel housed a clue from the partnership, boasting the lyrics to Hov's hit "Big Pimpin' " featuring U.G.K. laid out across the hotel's back pool area.

"We also threw these pages out strategically, we didn’t just throw them in the air, you know," explained Jay. "We placed them in various locations to where they relate to each other."

Last week, Jay began revealing a series of clues—based on his lyrics—on Bing that, when solved, reveal the location of pages of the book hidden all over New York, London, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

“Tonight, I’m here for this one [in Miami] and just to see lyrics in the bottom of a pool, a page, not only is it really innovative, it’s just, you know, it’s really cool.”

Jay's "Decoded" book is set to be released on November 16.

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