Nicki Minaj's 'Right Thru Me' Producer Drew Money Says She's 'Hot'


Not only is Nicki Minaj our #6 Hottest MC in the Game for 2010, she's also got a new video for her single "Right Thru Me" on the way. *screams* After we checked in with Drake up top on why Nicki deserves her slot on Hottest MCs, we spoke to Drew Money, the producer behind her hit single, "Right Thru Me."

"She was working in L.A. and I work in Miami, with our busy schedules it's kinda hard to be in the studio together," admitted Drew Money as he explained that the track came together via email. "Basically, I just wanted to make something for her that was pop but still rap and a fusion of everything. That's kinda how my sound is, it's a fusion of rock and pop, with the guitars, and with the synthesizers and the 808s, that's a good sound for her."

Drew, who also worked on "Hello Brooklyn" for Jay-Z, says that he wasn't a huge Barbie fan before "Right Thru Me" but game recognizes game.

"I'm just a fan of music in general and Nicki is really hot right and I want to work with the best artist out there right now and she's definitely one of them," says Drew.

And though he wasn't aiming for Nicki when he crafted the beat, he knew he had a winner.

"I knew it was something special just listening to the beat, before she put her vocals on it," says Drew Money. "It just needed the right artist and the right time."

Like Kanye producing for Jay and expecting a pop track, but getting heart felt prose, Drew Money says he didn't expect the emotion of "Right Thru Me" but says "it was a good direction for her to go because she didn't really have a song like that yet and this is like her toned down style, I thought it was very cool."

Now, the beat miner says he's working on more tracks for Nicki Minaj as she finalizes her debut.

"I'm not really sure right now how many tracks [of mine will make Pink Friday], I'm just giving her stuff that's fun and exciting," he said. "Stuff that I think all her fans will really love, stuff that when it comes on right away, you're just like 'Yes, I love this' like feel-good music."

He's also submitting tracks for the rest of Cash Money-Young Money.

"I'm just working with the whole Cash Money-Young Money family," says Drew Money. "I actually did a song for Wayne last year called "Fix My Hat, and I do have a couple of things in particular that'd be good for him."

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