Kanye West Says 'Runaway' Colors Aren't 'Racially Charged'


On Saturday night (October 23), Kanye West sat down with our own Sway and answered questions from you, the fans, via Twitter following the television premiere of his "Runaway" film.

One fan, @CrazyJoyC, tweeted and asked "Every scene has a different color, what's the significance and how did you choose the color for each scene?"

The MC replied in much more detail than CrazyJoyC no doubt expected.

"Colors are really important to me," said Kanye West, as he twisted his pinky ring. "I remember I used to get cyber bullied for knowing the word mauve or taupe or salmon which are some of my favorite colors, the off tones. Red probably is my absolute color but as you see, the teals and the grays, and the creams and the off whites, the way all of these balance with each other or just even the set-up of the table [scene].

"I want to approach this. Because this is America and it came from slavery, there's a lot of things that people think are racially charged when they're not at all," he continued. "They're completely based off of color palettes. Vanessa Beecroft, the art director who's a white woman by the way, art directed the entire dinner scene. See, that's whats so funny to me. That's what makes it so funny, you're just smiling in America's face like 'Hey, I didn't even design that right there.' It's all based off of color palettes, it's not a racially charged idea at all."

Sway then mentioned that many viewers might've taken the red hoods in the film to symbolize the racist group the Ku Klux Klan but Kanye disagreed.

"This is the thing, you gotta take symbols back from people," the Chicago MC said. "That's what made Justice so genius, they took the cross and just made it their thing. That's one of my favorite things, symbolism. A swastica in Asia doesn't mean like nazi's.

"I just thought it was so genius for gay people to take the rainbow 'cause the rainbow is one of the freshest things in the world," he added. "It's one of the most beautiful things you could see in the world and if you have a rainbow shirt on then it's like 'Oh, you're gay.' But no, what if you just like a lot of colors ... but you still like the opposite sex at the same time? It's all the symbolism that's put on us, and I guess if you want to communicate a certain thing, then black is chic or a certain type of suit is out of respect.:"

Kanye explained that he feels bogged down by society's idea of symbolism but he refuses to simply accept the paradigm.

"But what if you're like me and you want to challenge everything that's up to this point because you feel like it's antiquated?" he asked. "[Because of these] caste systems you can't bring this type of girl to this type of dinner and I approach all of that in the film. One of my favorite things in the movie "Iron Man 2" is when the father's talking to him and saying 'I couldn't do it all in my lifetime, we didn't have the technology.' Some of these things that I will combat, the ideals that people have, I might not be able to even do it in this lifetime but I'm just going to open up the gates for people just to think."

If you missed the premiere, watch the "Runaway" film online or catch the title track's video on MTV Jams as Jam of the Week. *clicks on TV*

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