Kanye Talks Favorite 'Runaway' Scene


Kanye West showed more bravery than most MCs possess — or can afford — by premiering his 35 minute film "Runaway" last Saturday (October 23). After airing the avant garde piece concurrently on MTV, MTV2, BET and MTV.com, we hosted an exclusive Q&A with the MC where he answered Twitter questions from you, the fans.

Sway kicked off the interview by asking the MC about his favorite clip in "Runaway."

"My single favorite scene I think is when the ballerinas just go still," Kanye West told Sway. "And that crane shot just goes above them, and all these like crazy angles and how long they have to just hold. It's like difficult for them to hold those positions like that."

Kanye is describing the dance sequence just after a gentleman asks Yeezy at the dinner table, 'Did you know she's a bird?' In response, 'Ye says 'I never noticed that' and walks over to a piano a ways away from the table and begins playing the intro to "Runaway" which signals a group of black tutu-clad ballerinas. A luxurious ballet routine, including what appeared to be bits of interpretive dance, ensues by the dance troupe as Kanye performs atop the rusty piano.

"It was kind of abstracted because the choreographer and Vanessa Beecroft, they didn't want it to be so syncopated, and just so obvious and just more soulful and just natural and psychedelic," explained Kanye.  "And they just caught that one move under the 'Toast for the douchebags, toast for the assholes' [chorus of 'Runaway'] and just the way it was chopped. The fact that we were in an airport hanger out in Prague and we found that beautiful wall as a backdrop with that teal color but it was still rough so it was like a shabby chic element to it.

"And I just say with like films like this you never would see like an art film that would have ballerinas but would also have a woman like Selita Ebanks of that standard of beauty," added Kanye.  "And usually like, if it's a film that has extremely beautiful women in it, it doesn't have like Stanley Kubrick and Fellini-esque camera angles."

If you missed the premiere, watch the "Runaway" film online or catch the title track's video on MTV Jams as Jam of the Week. *clicks on TV*

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