Live Blog: Kanye West's 'Runaway'


Are you ready? We're locked in to MTV for the premiere of Kanye West's "Runaway" film. Yes, we've already seen it but is there ever really too much unbridled creativity, combining cinematic beauty with pure hip-hop? Exactly.

"Runaway" is premiering right now on MTV, MTV2 and BET, as well as streaming live on, and The film will be followed by a live Q&A session with West on MTV and

We checked in with Swizz Beatz on his take of "Runaway" and here's what he said.

"On a 1 to 10, it was a 9," said Swizz, before defending his ruling. "The reason why it was a 9 was because it should've been longer. It was a deep, deep story and you have to, one, know Kanye, to really understand it."

"Runaway" follows 'Ye after he rescues a phoenix, played by the lovely Selita Ebanks, and tries to integrate the bird into his human world with varying results.

For Swizz, whether critics applaud or pan the piece, Kanye is the victor.

"We're all in here watching him live his dream, so that means he won," he said.

Here we go.

Are you ready for @kanyewest's 'Runaway' premiere? We are. Turn to MTV right now for Ye's cinematic debut!

Just listened to @nickiminaj narrate the intro to @Kanyewest's 'Runaway'... you tuned into MTV?

"First rule in this world baby, don't pay attention to anything you see in the news" -- @Kanyewest in 'Runaway'

After finding his phoenix girlfriend Selite Ebanks, @Kanyewest introduces her to a remix of 'Power' and gives her a parade featuring a track by @rihanna. Maybe it's called 'All The Lights' - we're a fan.

Now the pair are at a dinner of what we assume are @Kanyewest's friends, with 'Devil in a Blue Dress' playing. #thuggin

So @Kanyewest's friends are hating on Selita the phoenix... she tries to offer the friends some bread & she's shunned. smh...

Dude: You're girlfriend is really beautiful. @kanyewest: Thank you. Dude: Did you know she's a bird?

I never noticed that - @Kanyewest says in return.

Um, @kanyewest is not amused.

Back & @Kanyewest leaves the dinner table & begins playing the piano, summoning mad ballerinas in black.

It's 'Runaway' playing now ... 'Let's have a toast for the douchebags...'

Think the people at the table know this song is dedicated to them?

ballerinas are dancing beautifully to 'Runaway' while @kanyewest stands atop the piano & performs

Phoenix gf looks on beautifully... ballerinas have frozen in position as an extended bridge plays... dope.

Who ever thought ballerinas were hip-hop. Leave it to @kanyewest to put tutus & crack rappers (Pusha T) together

'Runaway' song is done, ballerinas file out. Phoenix gf smiles & claps along with the rest of the table

at dinner... the waiter puts down a GIANT BIG in front of the phoenix. how rude.

naturally, she freaks out & screams, we see her wings for the first time. they're huge

now she's sad in @kanyewest's garden with the sheep.

this John Legend song knocks. Can we download this? someone tweet @MTVRapFix & ask Ye!

phoenix: all the statues you see... they are phoenix turned to stone... if I don't burn I cant go back to my world

'I'll never let you burn... ' @kanyewest

artistic sex scenes, gotta love them.

an explosion fills the screen ... & now it's morning and @kanyewest is all alone in his slippers

he's awakened and realized that he's alone... did she burn? where is she? @Kanyewest is running

he's too late, she's in the sky flying higher & higher... this can only mean one thing.

yup, she's had to burn... we love the usage of the lost poets on this ending track...

So it's over... what'd you think folks? Be HONEST & tweet us your @kanyewest questions for @realsway to ask NOW!