Vado Talks Cam'ron, Huddy 6's Funeral Parade


Last week, hip-hop lost rapper Huddy 6 to a car accident in New York. On October 18, his fans and friends celebrated his life on the streets of Harlem. RapFix spoke to uptown MC Vado about the public's display of emotion and support for the late rapper.

“It was a parade. I definitely went to the wake and he had a parade after the funeral and everyone came to the block," said Vado of Huddy's homegoing. "Ray Benzino was there, Cam was there. I don’t do funerals."

Vado admits he's not partial to funeral services.

“I didn’t do my father’s or my family’s, I haven’t done a funeral since my grandparents when I was little," said Vado. “My father passed about five years ago.”

As for Cam'ron, who was close friends with Huddy from their childhood years in Harlem, Vado says the Dip Set captain is mending.

“He’s happy, he’s in very high spirits right now," Vado described. "He’s trying to stay out, he don’t want to be in the house, all bottled up like he was before. He just started actually speaking two days ago, and you know actually moving. He wasn’t talking, he wasn’t moving [before], he was in shock for about three days straight, just crying."

According to the Slime Flu MC, before the accident Huddy was celebrating the release of Vado's first album.

“It really hit us, because he was out with us that night celebrating the release of Slime Flu at Perfection [nightclub]," recalled Vado. "We had fun that night, we celebrated, we were going to celebrate that whole week. I woke up—I live in Edgewater, we got in the house at like 6 in the morning—I look outside I could see the whole George Washington bridge. You know, wild lights, helicopters, I’m like ‘What’s going on? What happened on the bridge?’ Mind you, I didn’t know nothing yet, I did Hot 97 that morning and I was supposed to do Envy [at Power 105] at 1, so I went home to to get some rest and my phone started blowing up. I missed like 100 calls. Then I’m hearing it, and I’m like ‘You can’t be serious.’ "

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