Experts React to Nicki Minaj As #6 Hottest MC In The Game


Thank God it's Friday and thank God for our #6 Hottest MC in the Game, Miss Nicki Minaj. The Queens, NY native is the first female to make the list in the history of MTV's Brain Trust.

Charming the host of "Late Night With David Letterman" and hardened rap fans who frown at lady MCs is all in a day's work for the Nickster. And it doesn't hurt that she's also "hotter than a middle eastern climate," but ultimately the girl is vicious on the mic and leaves listeners amazed by her ability to steal the show no matter her co-stars, including Kanye, Drake and Ludacris.

We checked in with the experts to see how our decisions resonated in the streets.

"Number six? I demand a recount! Whether you like her or not, Nicki's one of the most popular artists right now," says Brian "B.Dot" Miller, RapRadar's Content Manager. "Let's look at the facts: She's had 10 entries on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this year, a standout verse on "Monster" and even kicked off the VMAs. Does the Brain Trust needs to visit the neurologist?!"

And speaking of those rap fans that aren't so into barbies—or women rhyming period—even they're praising Nicki Minaj's presence on the mic.

"I'm not a great fan of female rappers as I believe rap to be a male oriented sport/art form, though a few have become my favorites including Queen Latifah, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown," admits entertainment lawyer and Daily Mathematics blogger Combat Jack. "Nicki's music is not for me, the weird cadences and strange voices are way over the top for me but I get it. She complements the strangeness that makes Lil Wayne a hot rapper, she is the undisputed Queen of Young Money."

"But really, why I support Nicki is because under all the acting and goofiness, she's a true Queens girl," added Comat Jack. "And when she just raps, she channels Foxy Brown. And hearing a new and improved Inga Marchand in this day and age, well, I'm good with that."

He's not the only one who's turned off by Nicki's many personalities, but Miss Info, News Director for New York's Hot 97 radio station, says that's just a piece of the puzzle that is her talent.

"Even if you cringe at her crazy faces or exaggerated voices, you get the sense that Nicki is controlling her own self-parody," she says. "She seems more hustler and ball-breaker, than dress-up doll or trophy artist (even when on the arm of Lil Wayne or Drake). So, yes, sometimes it seems like we're watching an episode of "The United States of Nicki," but one of those multiple personalities is a girl from Queens who can rap her ass off. And clearly, that's no small feat."

Earlier this year, Nicki spoke about her success and predicted she would make the Hottest MCs in the Game list.

"I feel that, it's a dope accomplishment to be a women on the list, there has never been a women on the list, of course that makes me feel proud," she told MTV News. "But, I believe that I am a dope MC in the big scheme of things, period. Like if you put 10 girls in a row, I'm not only going to stand out with them, I'm going to stand out if you put nine boys in a row and just put me somewhere in the middle."

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