50 Cent And Soulja Boy Scare Haters On XXL Cover

First Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa, and now 50 Cent and Soulja Boy are homies? The odd couple cover XXL Magazine’s November issue—even if you can’t see Fif’s face. Why? Because his mug is covered by some sort of towel ... maybe a really big white tee? Who knows, but Fif has a thing for being the outside man, even if it's his own cover shoot.

“I’m more comfortable in a space where people are doubting me than when I’m the favorite,” 50 said in the magazine’s feature. “They doubted me before. Obviously, I was the only crazy person that believed in me at one point.”

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy, who recently endured rumors about his alleged drug use, said he’s still trying to navigate the ropes, despite his status as a rap prodigy in some circles.

“I’m still learning,” Soulja Boy said. “I’ve been through a lot this year, and it’s nothing I expected. I just wanna rap, and I wake up and have some sh-t on me, out the blue, every single day. But, really, all it does is feed my ego.”

So why does Soulja relate his struggle to that of Queen’s finest?

“Being black with money, from the hood, struggles and coming from nothing to something, of course you’re going to share the common struggles,” the young MC said. “You going to have people hate. You going to have people that change on you, and all that. So of course, watching 50, and him going through what he did—if there wasn’t no 50 Cent, there would be no Soulja Boy.”

The admiration is mutual.

“If I had the wish to be another artist, just for right now, it would be Soulja Boy,” said 50 Cent.

In addition to posing with Soulja Boy, 50 might have a collaboration with his former rival Kanye West on the way, according to G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks. A remix of YG's "Toot It And Boot It" featuring the G-unit general also hit the web last night and we've got to say, it brightened our rainy Tuesday. We'd transcribe the lyrics, but you know 50 likes to get out of pocket sometimes...

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