T.I. Says He'll Take His Sentence 'One Day At A Time'

After talking a man out of suicide, T.I. reunited with the would-be jumper and discussed his own impending 11-month jail sentence in a radio interview Monday (October 18) in Atlanta.

The lyricist appeared on V103's "Ryan Cameron Show" and talked to Cameron, the DJ who suggested Tip visit the station's headquarters last Wednesday when word broke a man was attempting to take his life.

On Monday, the two men sat side-by-side as T.I. discussed why life's worth living.

"We all move forward, and a lot of the things we go through in life prepare us for the next path," he explained. "And I think that he was able to make it through this with minimal injury and maximum lesson learned. Now, moving forward, he's a more knowledgeable and spiritual person, and that's to your benefit."

The rapper also spoke of his own lessons learned following his sentencing for probation violation last Friday. T.I., who was arrested for drug possession in Los Angeles last month, said he was upset that previous supporters had turned against him.

In the interview on Monday, T.I. admitted his mistake and hinted at deeper problems that he may need to address. According to reports, during the hearing, the rapper pleaded with the judge to lessen his punishment and instead help him with his drug dependency.

Back in the Atlanta radio studio, he made light of his situation by joking he'll have time on his hands.

"I'm gonna take it a day at a time," he explained. "I got a little while to plan. One thing I'm not gonna do is, I'm not gonna talk and make a whole lot of promises and do this or do that. I'm gonna speak more through my music and my actions. And I'm gonna let God lead me wherever that may be."

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