Kanye West Preps 5 Dark Twisted Fantasy Covers


If you don't like Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album cover art, then give it up. This guy isn't stopping with just one cover, nope he's coming with five.

"Well, actually, it's five covers," West said on Monday night at the Los Angeles premiere of his "Runaway" film. "And you get all five of them when you buy the album."

'Ye wouldn't spill what the other cover images look like or if artist (and frequent collaborator) George Condo would be creating them. But he did discuss the process behind the now-infamous Fantasy artwork, which portrays the rapper being straddled on a couch by a naked, armless, winged woman with a polka-dot tail. According to West, he wasn't aiming to create a controversy with the image; rather, he just went to Condo with a basic idea and was blown away by the result.

"I told [Condo] I wanted a phoenix, and that's what he came up with," said West. "And what I love about it is, both me and George express ourselves with our truest vision, not based on what society or culture feels is right, but what's truly in our heart, and I just know if George was in my class back when I was in kindergarten, and he came up with something like that, I would've been envious, like, 'Man, how did you come up with that character with no arms and the wings, man? That's cool!' ... And it's simply like that. I just really love the colors. I thought the colors were just amazing, and the imagery was amazing. I thought it was a cool, awesome cover."

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Kanye West's "Runaway" will premiere on Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV, MTV2 and BET, and will also stream live on MTV.com, BET.com and VH1.com, followed by a live Q&A session on MTV.