Ludacris Reacts To Being The #10 Hottest MC In The Game


Some multi-platinum MCs like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne have a long history with our Hottest MCs in the Game list, while others seem to be left in the cold year after year. It's finally time to hand Ludacris a coat, ladies and gents, because he's no. 10 slot on our list of who's who in hip-hop.

"I finally made MTV's top 10 MC's list." tweeted Ludacris. "Y'all finally startin to wake up I see. Now it's time to beat em over the f--kin head!"

Despite his increasing Hollywood cache, vicious guest appearances on multiple remixes—and the 'original version' like Justin Bieber's "Baby"—and his albums repeatedly reaching no. 1 on Billboard's hip-hop albums chart, 2010 is the first time Luda, born Chris Bridges, is included in the list. We checked in with a few of our peers and you, the fans, to see what the streets had to say about our decision.

"I think Luda should have been on the Hottest Mcs list," said Allhiphop's Chuck Creekmur. "To be honest, lyrically he exceeds most of his peers. I think his penchant for avoiding foolishness, gossip and other attention seeking ploys keeps him slightly outside of the headlines. But he fits all of the criteria and has been top tier from day one."

One fan patted us on the back for adding Luda.

"Ludacris? Huh. MTV actually explained the choice, and it actually makes sense when you read the article," said Down.To.Fly in a comment on MTV's news item announcing Ludacris' slot. "Maybe MTV is actually trying to make the list legit this year. They even mentioned Banks, and more surprisingly, Bun B. Hmm ... I can't believe I'm saying this but MTV, you get a gold star ... But we'll see how the rest of the list goes."

Fakeshore Drive's Andrew Barber cautioned folks not to discount the Atlanta-based MC because of his pop fame.

"It's nice to see Ludacris being recognized for his contributions to hip-hop after ten years in the game," said Barber. "I think because some of his current work is a bit more on the 'poppy' side of things, he's often overlooked as being a beast on the mic. Also, he's been the T-Pain/Akon of 2010 because he's been recruited to jump on everyone's remixes and singles. He was all over radio this year—there was no escaping or denying Luda."

Others felt Ludacris' ability to be professional and steer clear of bad publicity has, ironically, been a set back.

"Ludacris has been one of the most consistent artists over the last ten years and should be on the Hottest MCs list every year," said Southern rap journo Maurice Garland. "Skill wise, dude is one of the best rappers on the planet. Every time you hear him on a song he displays a different flow or cadence and besides Bun B's underground presence, Luda is probably the most called upon cameo feature artist in hip-hop. He is easily one of the more diverse, making something the kids can love (Justin Bieber's "Baby") or something you'll mess around and make a kid to (his verse on Ciara's "Ride"). The only thing I think that keeps Luda from appearing higher than no. 10 on this list is that we only know him from his raps, not from his dating life, legal troubles or rap beefs ... which is unfortunate."

Still, everyone wasn't impressed.

"Luda should not just be on the top 10 but he should no doubt be much higher on the list," declared one fan named Torrey in a comment. "For these people to even contemplate replacing him with Lloyd Banks shows how out of touch this panel is getting. I have no problems with Banks being on the list as well but I think he should go in the 10 spot and Luda should be no less than five."

What do you think of Ludacris coming in at no. 10? Feel he should've been higher on the list? Or do you think he shouldn'tve been on the list at all? Tweet us at @MTVRapFix or tell us in a comment below!

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