Busta Rhymes' Protégé Reek Da Villian Drops 'Mechanics' Remix Featuring... Everyone


Busta Rhymes was our latest guest on "RapFix Live" and he brought his neophyte Reek Da Villian along for the ride. The new rapper is a Long Island native and recently released a remix for his single "Mechanics" featuring Swizz Beatz, Busta, Cam'ron, Vado, Method Man, Nelly and DJ Khaled. How did a new cat get all those dudes on one song? We blame Busta. After meeting Reek several years ago, the veteran MC took the young rapper under his wing.

"I got to big up Reek Da Villan which is one of the new MCs, I've been working with him for three years," Busta told Sway during "RapFix Live." "We kinda stopped working together for a year, and we recently got back together in the last eight or nine months, and he put this record out with myself and Swizz Beatz called "Mechanics." It's produced by Royal Three and Payback, some dudes he got with out in Long Island, where Reek's from."

As for why one of the best MCs in the game likes this new guy, Busta was clear.

"He's just an MC's MC," said one of the most animated rappers in the game. "At the end of the day, where we come from, it's about spitting. The boy can make records and he could make songs and it's rare to come across new fresh talent that can spit."

Above, we're giving you a taste of Reek's talent to spit off the dome, technically. We're going to assume that he wrote this rhyme before stopping by our 1515 Broadway offices, but we're not mad at his spit.

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