Justin Bieber Remixes Vado And Cam'ron's 'Speaking In Tungs'

Not only is Justin Bieber a teen pop star, but now he's a rapper?

After checking out the Bieber's new movie title "Never Say Never" *screams*, we listened to his remix of Vado and Cam'Ron's "Speaking In Tungs" track which he spit under the name Shawty Mane.

"Speaking in tongues freestyle... who knew I could rap lol ... my alter ego rap name is Shawty Mane ... hah," tweeted the 16-year-old popstar.

We must admit the song's not bad. One question however; what's this kid know about women being described as "yellowbone"?

The NY Daily News caught up with Vado and asked him his thoughts about the pop singer's remix.

“I was shocked! He killed it! He sounded like [Notorious] B.I.G.," Vado said. "When I seen it on Twitter, I didn’t believe it. We need to keep his verse for the remix! We might finish the remix this weekend, and let Justin go first. I’m definitely going to contact him. I’ll do that ASAP… I might gotta do a remix to one of his tracks."

And there you have it, Bieber's now a fringe member of the ever growing Harlem collective, the Diplomats.

Kidding, sort of. Just like we hope that Vado's kidding about comparing Bieber, whose famous for his m'angs (those are man bangs, folks), to the late great Biggie Smalls. He was just excited, right? Right.

Recently, the final piece of Justin Bieber's movie-poster puzzle was finally posted, and it reveals that his highly anticipated 3-D flick will be called "Never Say Never," the name of his song featured on the "Karate Kid" soundtrack.

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