Hip-Hop Executive Arrested On Weapons Charges

By Rahman Dukes

Record label executive Brian Leach is the latest hip-hopper to find himself entangled within the long arms of the law after he was arrested on weapons possession charges. Leach was reportedly traveling in upper West side New York when officers stopped his vehicle after noticing him driving “erratically.” Shortly after the stop, a .380 Kel-Tec handgun was spotted in the center console of the front seat. According to The NY Daily News, the gun was fully loaded with six hollow-point bullets, a major no-no in New York state and Leach was immediately arrested.

Leach, who serves as the Senior Vice President at RCA Music was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal court and released on a $50,000 bail after making no plea. His attorney released a statement shortly before his release as part of a plea to the judge that Leach takes care of his mother who suffers from cancer and can not be away from her side.

"He's financially responsible for all of her treatments," said attorney James McMillan.

Hollow-point bullets are illegal in New York State and it’s currently under investigation if Leach has a permit to legally carry a firearm. The executive already has one strike against him, a prior arrest for weapons charges back in 1994 to which he plead guilty.

Brian Leach is the founder of Polo Grounds Music, home to hit maker Hurricane Chris and Yo Gotti. Leach made a name for himself at the earlier stages of his career signing acts Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins to TVT Records.

Recently, the executive has garnered success with Hurricane Chris's on the hit “Halle Berry” and Yo Gotti's bevy of street singles.

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