T.I. To The Rescue! Rapper Talks Man Out Of Suicide

By Rahman Dukes

T.I. is up to his good deeds again. With two days to go before he’s set to face a Federal magistrate who'll decide if the Kang goes back to prison or not, today TIP reportedly talked an Atlanta man out of committing suicide. Yes, you read that correctly.

This afternoon TIP chopped it up with Ryan Cameron on V103 where he confirmed the reports. Apparently T.I. caught wind of the news regarding 21 year old man threatening to jump off a roof not far from the V 103 offices while listening to the radio. From there Tip made his way to the scene assisting in the situation. According to a report on 11alive.com, TIP spoke with the man through local authorities preventing him from jumping off a building in the city's busy Peachtree street area. Shortly before he was taken away in police custody TIP shared a few words with the man.

On the musical front, during his interview with Cameron T.I. noted that he'd just shot four music videos in the past few days in worse case scenario Friday doesn't go in his favor.

Now the question remains, will TIP's noble act be enough to keep him on the streets of Atlanta? This Friday T.I. is set to appear before a Federal court in his latest bid to avoid jail time after his arrest last month in Los Angeles with wife Tiny.

This past September T.I. and Tiny’s Maybach was pulled over when a patrol car spotted their driver making an illegal turn. Authorities smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and upon further search both were "found to be in possession of a controlled substance." Later it was revealed the recently married couple were in possession of exctasy and codeine better known as syrup. Just days ago TIPs probation officer says jail time is likely and he will suggest at least 8 months in prison.