10 Ways Kanye West and Jay-Z Can Win Big With Watch The Throne

By Chris Yuscavage

Kanye West and Jay-Z are trying to make history with their forthcoming EP, Watch The Throne,.

So far, 'Ye has used his G.O.O.D. Friday music promotion to release two spectacular posse cuts—"Monster" and "So Appalled" — that will probably appear on the EP. Last weekend, the Louis Vuitton Don also sent out a tweet telling the world that he and Jay have logged studio time with Pete Rock, Q-Tip and even backpack rap stalwart Madlib to record tracks for their collaboration.

And that got us to thinking: If Mr. West and Mr. Carter want to win when they release Watch the Throne—like, really win—shouldn't they just go ahead and pull out all the stops while recording it? To show you what we mean, RapFix came up with a list of 10 ways the Roc Boys can make sure their EP lives up to its name. If they follow even just a few of these, prepare to see Watch the Throne get crowned.

1. Make Watch the Throne more than just five tracks.

First things first: When 'Ye first announced that he was teaming up with Hov to release WTT, it was rumored to be an EP featuring just five tracks. We say: Why stop there? 'Ye and Jay are obviously knocking these songs out relatively quickly, so instead of five tracks, why not make it at least nine or ten songs long? With a bonus track or two (the "Power" remix?) it could even qualify as an entire album and go down as something that's truly memorable.

2. Stop leaking WTT tracks on G.O.O.D. Friday.

We're thoroughly enjoying the fact that Kanye's releasing music at such a rapid pace. But if WTT has any chance of making a big splash on the hip-hop scene, 'Ye has to stop using G.O.O.D. Friday to release songs from it. Otherwise, it's just going to be an EP full of songs we've already heard when it hits stores.

3. Keep teasing the rap fans through Twitter.

At this rate, 'Ye and Jay are rumored to be working with everyone under the sun. Seriously: If we heard that the pair's got a song featuring Michael Jackson on the hook, Elvis Presley singing backup and Jimi Hendrix on guitar, we'd probably believe it. These two need to keep feeding the hype machine in order to get everyone excited about the EP.

4. Release WTT before Kanye drops his new album Dark Twisted Fantasy (or whatever his new album is going to be called!)

One of the major problems with WTT right now is that it's rumored to come out right around the time 'Ye puts out his next project. Are you kidding? We go from no Kanye releases in two years to two in one month? How about this: Release Watch the Throne in November, right around Thanksgiving, and then let Kanye drop his project sometime the following month. But whatever you do, guys, don't put out both at the same time. WTT is guaranteed to lose some looks thanks to 'Ye's comeback album.

5. Leak a few photos of 'Ye and Jay working in the studio.

These rapper "studio shots" are apparently all the rage right now. If you've been paying attention to the Internet the last few days, you know Pharrell and Pusha T are hard at work in the studio . Same with Swizz Beatz, Kanye and Ryan Leslie. But where are all the 'Ye and Jay shots? Leak a couple of those photos, guys, and you'll have the rap world rapped around your fingers.

6. Document everything that goes on in the studio during WTT sessions.

Two of the biggest rappers of the present—and of all-time, for that matter—are working together in the studio right now. It'd serve them well to have someone in the studio documenting exactly what's going down. If things go according to plan, WTT could go down as a hip-hop classic. And it's only right that there be video footage of the recording process available sometime in the near future.

7. Stop recording so many posse cuts...

So far, "Monster" and "So Appalled" have both been super successful for the Roc Boys. However, both songs have left people talking—for all the wrong reasons. After "Monster" dropped, everyone wanted to talk about Nicki Minaj and her verse. After "So Appalled," they wanted debate whether 'Ye, Jay or Pusha T had the best verse. How about a couple of songs that only feature 'Ye and Jay? After all, they're the ones with their names on the EP, right?

8. ...and stop letting Swizz Beatz rap!

Swizz Beatz production? Cool! He's on fire right now, so we're not mad at hearing a couple of Swizz/'Ye/Jay tracks on WTT. Swizz is dope—just as long as he's behind the boards. On WTT, let's keep him there.

9. Feature at least one HUGE surprise guest appearance.

Bono? Stevie Wonder? Elton John? A secret lost verse that Biggie recorded on March 8, 1997? You don't need us to remind you that 'Ye and Jay have allllllllllll the power in the hip-hop community right now. They should show it off and feature at least one guest appearance that no one in the world is thinking about right now.

10. Leave a lot of material on the cutting room floor.

Truth be told, 'Ye and Jay could probably put out an EP with five tracks that feature them breathing and sell a million copies in the first week. But we'd encourage them not to do that. Rather than pick the first five or seven or nine songs that sound pretty good, keep recording until you've landed on a handful of classics, fellas. If you really want us to Watch the Throne, we want to be absolutely sure that we're looking at royalty. Are you up for the challenge?

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