Hottest MCs In The Game Of 2009


It's time for the list that makes MCs sweat, relentlessly check their laptops and try to find the good folks of MTV News on the streets to "chat." That's right, it's time for the 2010 Hottest MCs in the Game. Are you ready?

The Brain Trust is and this week we're rolling out a number of MCs stating their reasons why they should be on our Hottest MCs list as well as fans, like you, giving their two cents too. Remember, you can always tweet us at @MTVRapFix and tell us who you think we should consider for hip-hop's most coveted list.

Up top, we've cut together a vintage round up of last year's list, including round table vets that are no longer with us but remain in our hearts. Rappers Soulja Boy, Raekwon, Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane, though he was still incarcerated, made surprising jumps onto 2009's list alongside vets like 50 Cent and Fabolous. Rick Ross reached no. 5, putting the Miami MC in the highly coveted space of the top five rappers of the last 12 months.

Kanye West checked in at no. 4, despite a "self-imposed public pitfall" (Sway's words, and we love that description) also known as "I'ma let you finish"-gate. Drake came in at no. 3, with a few words from Mr. Shaheem Reid.

"I ain't gon' lie, I do a lot of interviews and everybody who I talk to just loves the dude," said Sha.

Naturally, Lil Wayne was no. 2 and Jay-Z weighed in at no. 1 after a stellar year with the hit single "Empire State of Mind."

"The whole time we've been talking, we've haven't been comparing Jay to anyone else, we've been comparing him to himself," said MTV News' Steven Roberts. "That's another testament to who he is, he's the no. 1 of all time and he's the hottest right now."

Who do you think was missing from 2009's Hottest MCs in the Game list? Tweet us at @MTVRapFix or tell us in a comment below!