Lupe Fiasco's 'Lasers' Gets Release Date, Fans Rejoice

By Alvin Blanco

Lupe Fiasco's much delayed third album, Lasers, finally has a release date. March 8, 2011 is when Fiasco fans will be able to go into stores and purchase their rhyme hero's new album which by then will be more than two plus in the making.

The announcement of a release date for Lasers turned out to be a speedy turn of events, despite the fact that the album has been finished since 2009. Yesterday via his Twitter account, Fiasco posted a picture of himself and Atlantic Records honcho Julie Greenwald smiling like old chums with a simple caption: "Victory!"

Fiasco fans quickly saw this as evidence that their cacophony of concerns were heard by the label and Lasers was one step closer to release. Eighteen hours later Atlantic Records' official twitter account posted that March 8, 2011 is the release date for the long-awaited LP. This date has also been noted on the official Lupe Fiasco blog which also reveals that a single for the project will premiere on October 26.

Obviously, Fiasco fans are ecstatic at this news.

Wrote @LaMz, "YES! @LupeFiasco Album Lasers Drops March 8th 2011 VICTORY! Now We Gotta Go And Buy It And Show The Label What's UP!"

Wrote @MisterSMB "I'm buying 3 copies of #lasers when it finally comes out"

"Today has already been a good day," said @Uptown_Roamer. "Lupe's album finally has a set release date. #Lasers"

However, many have expressed dismay at the album's release being months away, including @Mr_one19twenty.

"March 8 2011 is a victory ?" he asked via Twitter. "I mean I'm glad there's a date (Lupe Fiasco's #Lasers) but that's a while to wait for a album completed long ago."

Guess next week's Fiasco Friday is canceled. Now let's hope that all these "Lasers" (as in Lupe Fiasco advocates) put their money were their mouth is come March 8, 2011.