Waka Flocka Talks Favorite Geto Boys Song 'Mind Playin' Tricks On Me'


Even Atlanta's hottest rapper has a favorite childhood song and for Waka Flocka Flame, it's the Geto Boys' "Mind Playin' Tricks On Me."

The ATL rapper stopped by 1515 Broadway for RapFix Influentials, a series where MCs reflect on hip-hop's best cuts and what those songs meant to them growing up, and spoke on the Southern rhyme veterans.

"You could just close your eyes and say that [chorus] right there," Waka told Sway. "That just make you think about your neighborhood and everything. I guarantee if anybody closed their eyes, that'll put you there if you've been there."

Flockaveli went on about the trio's motivations.

"Them boys was different," said Waka, who's actually taller than one might think. "Them boys was passionate about what they was talking about. They wanted to change their environment, where they came from, their surroundings."

During a vintage "Yo! MTV Raps" interview, Fab 5 Freddy asked the Geto Boys how the state of their hometown influenced their work.

"That's the reason why it works so good because the chemistry's there," said group member Willie D. "We have three boys from the ghetto."

Waka also likened the plain language the Geto Boys used to describe their tough dilapidated surroundings in Texas to he and his Brick Squad crew's story telling.

"I just liked it, they speak from the heart," said the "Hard In The Paint" rapper. "That reminds me of us, we Brick Squad and we just talk from the heart."

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