Lloyd Banks Talks Kanye West Collabo, 'NBA 2K11' Skills With Complex

Lloyd BanksBy Roberto Mucciacciaro

Ten seconds left in the NBA Finals, down by two points, would you want Lloyd Banks taking the last shot for your team?

In a recent interview with Complex magazine at the "NBA 2K11" release party, Banks explained why he's the best at the video game and talked about his new album, The Hunger for More 2, which is set to drop November 23.

"I'm probably the best player in the industry," Banks told the mag about "NBA 2K." "I actually don't have [a go-to team]; we play by random selection. If I did get to choose my team, there's no way I'm not going to win."

When asked what separates "NBA 2K" from other hoops games, Banks said, "It's the best basketball game ever. My friends and I, we literally play this for 10 hours straight. I've been late to a couple studio sessions because of this game." In the next few years, gamers will be able to see how good Banks really is on the basketball court: "You can expect to see me in 'NBA 2K12.' I would have been in ['2K11'], but I was busy touring around the world when they did the production this year."

As for his new CD, Banks said he is working on collaborations with Kanye West and Eminem. "When those get finished up, we'll be good to go," he said. Banks expressed how he felt making a mixtape compared to making an album. "I think that with the Internet and mixtapes, you're able to speak on current events. ... When you're making an album, it might take anywhere from six months to a year, so something that you might say six months ago may not be as relevant six months later when the album drops."

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