Busta Rhymes Set To Hit 'RapFix Live' This Thursday!


Busta Rhymes will be the next guest on our weekly online show “RapFix Live,” following Fabolous, Tony Yayo, Swizz Beatz and Soulja Boy Tell 'Em. BusaBusss will be taking questions from you, the fans at home, so get your queries ready because how often can you ask an MC something directly?

Busta Rhymes will join MTV News correspondent Sway this Thursday (October 7) in the newsroom at 4PM and take questions from viewers via Twitter at @MTVRapFix and video inquiries uploaded to Your.MTV.com.

We used to take your curiosities from @MTVNews, but now please send tweets for Sway to ask Busta to @MTVRapFix.

In addition to the aforementioned MCs, Busta Rhymes also follows Fat Joe, Lloyd Banks, Wiz Khalifa, and Rick Ross as guests on “RapFix Live.”

Want to ask the animated rap veteran about his days as a member of Leaders of the New School? Wondering if Busta will ever grow back his dreadlocks? Curious about the progress of his next album, tentatively titled Extinction Level Event 2?

The rapper told MTV News earlier this year, he was unsure about the slated title of his next album, which was then named The Chemo.

"I think what's creating the back and forth is that I officially had the name of the album as The Chemo, but the selected few ears that I trust that have come in the studio, that heard the [new] album, they have been declaring that's it's developing into something that's feeling like what Extinction Level Event felt like,” Busta explained. “I thought that was an unbelievable honor to hear that coming from the opinions of the ears that I trust and respect. As artists, you wanna, make sure the co-sign is a never ending co-sign, whenever you're at a point that you're ready to share your music or your body of work with the ears that you trust. It felt good to hear that.”

Busta is currently supporting his latest single, “Stop The Party,” which he hopes to nab Hype Williams to direct a video for the number.

Remember, send your written questions to @MTVRapFix and upload your video questions to Your.MTV.com for your chance to ask BussaBuss something directly.