Nicki Minaj Almost Remixes Willow Smith's 'Whip My Hair'

Nicki Minaj and Willow Smith are honestly, a match made in heaven. With Nicki's forays into the pop realm through tracks like "Check It Out" and "Your Love," it's only right that the black Barbie put her lipstick stain on Willow's musical debut "Whip My Hair."

However, despite our excitement we learned that this collaboration may not be genuine. MissInfo, and our boy LowKey indirectly, reported that Nicki's verse on the track isn't fresh. This makes us sad.

"I was on my way to school I do's me, hopped out the drop, grabbed my juicy," rhymes Nicki. "I hopped skipped and jumped passed them hoopties but wait I forgot to grab my loose leaf /I doubled right back b-back like who's that I did the little dance like kat da boom kat, I love how the jocks be watching me me so I grab my crotch and be like 'hehe.' "

"I be like bomstiggegtybom when I pop my gum, they looking dumbstiggegtydumb think they stopping somethin'/ I said excuse me honey, I'm the bugs bunny, all that frontin' bout my carats and he ain't got nothing fo' me/Cause we're the mean girls, yes we're so fetch, and when we're in the yard we're jumping double dutch/ we're back to the future, Pearl you're with the best!" she continued.

Further proof this rhyme is dated, Nicki mentioned the name of the artist she originally collaborated with.

"After listening a few times, this is actually an old Nicki Minaj verse," typed blogged Karen Civil. "The verse is actually off of California Bay artist Pearl Future’s song  ”Lookin At Me” which was released in 2009."

So it's not a real Nicki Minaj and Willow Smith collaboration, but we can still hope right? Someone call Barbz... now. Elsewhere in Barbie world, Nicki Minaj performed her duet with on "Late Show with David Letterman" last night (October 4).