Waka Flocka Says Ignoring BET Would Be 'Dumb'


After hitting Atlanta's Club Miami this weekend (shout to Stix Malone and DJ Holiday), it's clear that Waka Flocka Flame is undeniably the city's hottest MC. So much so that the rapper cursed the BET's Executive Vice President of Entertainment and Music Programming Stephen Hill via Twitter following the BET Hip-Hop Awards this past Saturday (October 2) and Hill offered to squash their beef. It's the exact opposite of the Trae Da Truth situation.

Today (October 4), Waka stopped by MTV News  to talk about the incident.

"I wasn't even upset honestly," the rapper said about his early departure from the Awards show taping. "My label had some stuff set up for me to leave and do some stuff for my album. So I guess by me leaving, everybody was like 'oh, he mad.' but I just dipped, I ain't know what was going on."

The taping was reportedly smooth sailing except for a small snafu with Waka Flocka Flame's performance. The incident lead to a war of words on Twitter between the rapper and Hill. At the heart of Hill’s gripe was a change-up in the Atlanta rapper's performance that wasn’t planned.

“The show was going so well... and then Waka Flak-ed,” he wrote. “"Waka. Flacka. Flamed. Out."

“How the f--- you invite Waka Flocka and hate when I jump N the crowd to connect more wit fans and friends,” Waka tweeted in response. “ #rappers R robots lol.”

“I KICK A-- I DON’T KISS A--,” he continued.

Hill then explained himself further.

“We had a GREAT look for you. Flames on stage. Great lighting,” he wrote, in a long entry that exceeded Twitter’s 140 character limit. “My man Jesse (producer) was on it with your look. We'll put the rehearsal on BET.com so folks can see what it was supposed to be. Then you decided to change the track without telling us... and jumping in the audience... without telling us... was disrespect.”

After the pair exchanged tweets, Hill eventually offered an olive branch to Waka via Twitter in an effort to calm their war of words. Waka had yet to respond to the BET executive's request publicly but RapFix watched the rapper perform late Saturday night and say the following to a screaming crowd.

"Fuck BET n----," shouted a shirtless Waka into a microphone.

Today however, Mr. "Hard In The Paint" had a different response.

"Really I ain't get to dig into it yet, but I'm in New York now, so we can sit down," he said. "I know it's cool though, we're not arch enemies or anything. I'm not mad at nothing, I've got an album coming out, I'm happy. I'm 24, I passes 21 I'm good. I'm financially almost straight, so I made BET, I got nominated. That's a blessing, ain't too many people that can say that"

He's even ready to talk to Hill, whom he dissed repeatedly on Twitter.

"Of course, why not?" said Waka. "That's the man, the big dog. he paved the way for a lot of people to be seen so it's like how could you slap an arm down like that? That would be like, dumb."

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