Lil Wayne's Daughter Reginae Excited For His Return


Lil Wayne is expected to leave Riker's Island on November 4, so the countdown to the megastar MC's return is in full swing. Still, few are as excited as the MC's daughter Reginae.

Wayne's ex-wife Antonia "Toya" Carter told MTV News on the BET Hip-Hop Awards black carpet Saturday that she and her daughter with Weezy are more than ready for Wayne's release next month.

"It's very exciting," Carter said with a smile. "Especially when you have a little girl that's anticipating his return. We're looking forward to that. It's very exciting."

Wayne's incarceration has been difficult on his tween daughter, who dealt with the many false starts surrounding his sentence earlier this year, which was delayed due to dental work and a courthouse blaze.

"The last day he finally went in, we didn't go, so my daughter was like, 'I wish I would've went.' It was just too much. I just didn't want to let her see that again 'cause both times she took it real hard," Carter told Vibe magazine. "So I was like, I'm not gon' let her go this last time. I'm just gon' make sure he talk to her 'cause I didn't know if he was really gonna go. They kept pushing back."

Ultimately, Weezy urged Toya to keep her head up for Reginae during the family's difficult period.

"At first my daughter would see me a little sad and you know kids they react off of your feelings sometimes, so he was just like, 'Be strong, make sure you take care of her. Make sure she straight and keep her phone on all the time so I can call her. The time is gonna fly by.' "

Time is almost up and Weezy has recently said that the first thing he plans to do when he's freed, presumably before his blowout homecoming concert, which might not even happen anymore, is see his children.

"[I'm going to] hug and kiss my kids," Wayne revealed during a phone call to MTV's "The Seven." "And, uh, after that, I don't think I'm allowed to say."

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