Soulja Boy to Kid Cudi: 10 ‘Social Network’ Rap References

By Chris Yuscavage

It’s official: Everyone loves Facebook.

Your mom, your dad, your aunts and uncles, your cousins, that kid you used to know way back when and, now… even your favorite rapper! Of course, MCs using Facebook—and MySpace and Twitter and whatever other social-networking site they can get their hands on—to generate free publicity is nothing new. But rappers actually referencing Mark Zuckerberg’s baby in their rhymes? Well, that’s one of the more interesting Facebook features to emerge since the company started back in 2004.

In honor of the new Facebook-inspired flick, The Social Network, that hits theaters today, we gathered a running list of some of our favorite hip-hop punchlines about the social media platform. Check out the feed.

The Rapper: Cam’Ron
The Song:Fairy Tale,” featuring Avery Storm
The Lyrical Reference: “Y’all stay shook, I’m straight crook/I made appointments for head, that’s Facebook”

The Rapper: Joe Budden
The Song:Talk To ’Em
The Lyrical Reference: “How the f— you a thug when you stay shook, n—-?/More like a school boy, a Facebook n—-!”

The Rapper: Paul Wall
The Song:Internet Goin’ Nutz
The Lyrical Reference: “So I log on to the Facebook, I’m tryin’ to find me a good look/I’m lookin’ for a lil’ one-night love, I throw the bait and they bite the hook”

The Rapper: Drake
The Song:What I’m Thinking Right Now
The Lyrical Reference: “Who graduated school and still reads anymore?/Not me, that should have my whole race shook/’Cause we don’t read novels, but we do Facebook”

The Rapper: Short Dawg
The Song:Break Dem Boyz Off
The Lyrical Reference: “I ain’t a cook, but I can show you how my cake look/That’s why all these h–s on me like Facebook”

The Rapper: Ludacris
The Song: Asher Roth’s “I Love College (Remix)
The Lyrical Reference: “I’m so high, I can’t even chew food/I get ’em drunk and put these b—–s on YouTube/And now they stay shook/Because I took some naked pictures of they a–, and I’m ’bout to post ’em on Facebook”

The Rapper: J. Cole
The Song:College Boy
The Lyrical Reference: “So kill that old college game, some s— we don’t believe/You mad ’cause your girl on Facebook poking me”

The Rapper: Soulja Boy
The Song: Twitter
The Lyrical Reference: “Boy, I thought I told you/MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, took ’em over”

The Rapper: Wale
The Song:Let It Loose (Inhibitions)
The Lyrical Reference: “She don’t even need a job, got one anyways/She sit up at her desk on Perez all day/Then Bossip for gossip, YBF and Concrete/Then she on her Facebook like, Where we finna party?”

The Rapper: Kid Cudi
The Song:My World
The Lyrical Reference: “I was too artsy, known to be a clown/Now my Facebook poppin’ ’cause I told the same girls I would be the hot s—”

What’s your favorite Facebook rap reference? Vote below or tweet us at @MTVRapFix and let us know.

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