50 Cent's 10 Most Outrageous Tweets

By Chris Yuscavage

50 Cent isn't the first rapper to cause a ruckus on Twitter.

Brooklyn rapper/Twitter extraordinaire Fabolous has used his 3000+ tweets to create a laundry list of Trending Topics. Hip-Hop mogul Diddy has amassed nearly three million followers and used his power and influence to spread positivity all throughout the tweets. And, of course, Kanye West has had the Internets going nuts since he signed up for the social networking site back in June.

But as far as using controversy on Twitter to get attention, Fif's taken things to a whole new level. Since taking control of his own account last month (he previously had someone on his staff handling his Twitter), he's sent out a handful of controversial thoughts and Twitpics. RapFix gathered some of the most outrageous ones. Get ready to get offended!

The Tweet: "Follow me for I have found the path to our lord a savior Jesus Christ you 3,303,447 people were chosen on Twitter have just joined my colt"

Our Reaction: Hmmm... is following Fif on Twitter really like a religion? Yeah, we don't think so, either. And "colt," dude? Please activate your spell-check ASAP!

The Tweet: "Shout out to my man Michael Vick. I was the first person he called when he got out of jail. I told him he would get back on top and he did"

Our Reaction: So, let us get this straight: Mike Vick got out of prison after serving time on federal dogfighting charges and you were the first person he got at when he got out, Fif? Say it ain't so. Let's just hope NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell didn't see this one.

The Tweet: "I'm a holidays dad. My son only likes me when its xmas time. I prolly wouldn't recognize him if he aint had his hands out when I see him"

Our Reaction: If 50's own son isn't immune to his rants, who won't he diss to drum up a little controversy?

The Tweet: "Now this is how you shut a b---- up http://twitpic.com/2qejfi"

Our Reaction: Yikes. Are you holding a knife up to your dog, dude? Now we really hope Roger Goodell doesn't find out that you're down with Michael Vick.

The Tweet: "Perez Hilton called me douchebag so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. wasn't his but still made me feel better" (50 has since deleted this)

Our Reaction: He didn't apologize to GLAAD after they publicly condemned him for posting this tweet (are you surprised?), but this was so outrageous that even 50 saw fit to take it down from his Twitter account. Good thinking.

The Tweet: "My man Dwight Howard filed a 500,000,000 lawsuit on his baby mama good f--- that b---- she shouldn't be running her mouth"

Our Reaction: 50 knows a thing or two about baby mama drama. So, who better to comment on NBA player Dwight Howard's current situation than him?

The Tweet: "I joked and said if I was a porn star my name would be Bishop Eddie Long. Then I woke up this morning and saw a bishop with the same name"

Our Reaction: And that Bishop is currently facing sexual abuse charges... Sorry, Fif. Time to find a new porn name.

The Tweet: "Speaking of MILF. I wanna do something that impact kids in a positive way, thats why im opening an abortion clinic. Ima call it 50/50 chance"

Our Reaction: SMH. Next!

The Tweet: "Soulja Boy my little n---- They just cought him snow mobiling Its cool. I got a n---- dat a handle da kat stacks B---- for him right quick"

Our Reaction: When did 50 Cent realize that getting on Soulja Boy's good side could be a good thing for his career?

The Tweet: "I think @TonyYayo done stole money out my pocket dam cant trust nobody ima find me a hot bitch and leave all these n****s like j did da roc"

Our Reaction: His son, gay people, Bishop Eddie Long, Kat Stacks, his fellow G-Unit members—no one, and we mean no one, can escape the wrath of 50 Cent's Twitter account.

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