Is Drake's Concert The Best of 2010?


Best we ever had? Not only did we live blog Drake's Light Dreams & Nightmares concert at New York's Radio City Music Hall last night (September 29), we hit the streets to see what fans like you thought of the show.

"This Drake concert was definitely the concert of the year, awesome," said a young lady with blond hair.

Whoa, that's a bold statement. And she wasn't alone.

"Drake 2010, Radio City, Concert of the year," said a gent in a blue t-shirt.

Toronto's golden boy is absolutely enjoying the best year of his career, but he's not he only epic show of 2010. Remember Jay-Z and Eminem... Yankee Stadium... COMAMERICA Park? What about Wu-Tang rocking their debut LP Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) at Rock The Bells? A Tribe Called Quest? No? Ehn, we did agree with fans on one thing.

"As a performer, he was amazing, i think he did a good job and kept the audience entertained," said the gent in the blue shirt.

His subject matter also ropes in interest.

"He talks about his life, instead of like, sex drugs and alcohol all the time," said a female fan, sporting braces and the cover of Drake's first mixtape emblazoned on her t-shirt. "It's about his life, his feelings, girls... his loves in life."

"I think he sings better live, he just really gets into it," added another fan.

Elsewhere, Aubrey fans through jabs at the stage game of other MCs. No shots... sort of.

"He actually knows how to perform unlike a lot of other rappers and singers these days," said one girl, with a smirk.

"He knows how to get the ladies and he knows how to give a great performance," said another girl. "The lightening was awesome, any seat you're in you're going to love the show."