Drake's Concert: We're Live From New York On Night 2

By Hillary Crosley and Jayson Rodriguez

As promised J-Rod and myself, Killa Hills, are in the house for Drake's second Light Dreams & Nightmares concert at New York's Radio City Music Hall. Last night (September 28) the other installment of the 1515 Boys hit Radio City to give RapFix readers Drake's set as a live blog with some colorful crowd moments.

"Funniest part of the night: These drunk girls go up to the female usher and say they're lost. They need to find Drake so the can have sex with him. The usher gives them the "child please" look, smiles and says 'good luck,' " tweeted Rahman.

But out favorite part had to be the security guard with "American Idol" aspirations.

"The security guard working the floor came and sat down on the floor during "Find Your Love" and sang the lyrics word for word. #DontQuitYourDayJob," he added.

Everybody has a dream, right? Look at Drake, the guy grew up to be the hottest rapper hip-hop's seen this year but he didn't begin as the most popular dude. From questionable afros to other nerdy practices we won't divulge here, Drizzy Drake's come a long way baby.

"I wasn't the coolest guy in the world but those guys that made fun of me, I can always say 'look at me now!,' said the MC on MTV's new afternoon show "The Seven" earlier this week. But he doesn't really stunt on people like that, right?

"No, I don't throw it in people's faces," he continued. "High school is when you're learning about yourself. The people that are cool in high school are never that cool in real life."

Now, check out our live blog below and remember to follow us at @MTVRapFix for the up to the minute news on Drake's Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour.

9:15 HC: Lights are low, crowd's waiting with baited breath. Some dude is singing behind me. Why? Who knows.

9:22 HC: Drake just walked slowly to a mic in the middle of the stage. Too cool to face us, builds the anticipation for "9 AM"

9:23 JR: Drizzy kicks things off with a back to back bang of "9AM in Dallas" and "Forever."

9:25 HC: 5 band members + 1 background singer. Drizzy gets a chance to redo "Up All Night" after his rough start at Jay's Home & Home show.

9:28 JR: Drake shouts out his keyboard player, D10, to help him breakdown "Show Me A Good Time." He's asking New York to show him a good time. "I came here to further our relationship," he told the crowd.

9:31 HC: Think the live performance is making us actually like "Good Time," no shots, just always thought it was aight... But tonight? Dope.

"I came here tonight to further our relationship" *ducks for the flying panties*

9:33 JR: Francis Starlite joins Drake on stage for "Karaoke." The two collaborated on this one from Thank Me Later. Lotta respect there between the two.

9:35 HC: Why's Francis he look like a twin of Mark Ronson kinda?

9:40 JR: Shouts to all those in the military fighting the wars for us. Just met a girl stationed here and had the night off to see Drake. Real life >>>.

9:41 HC: Its a gift & a curse when you're successful... Sometimes I'm by myself & I wonder, is this what I'm supposed to do? - drake 'Fireworks'

9:43 JR: Drake's delivering his verse from Young Jeezy's "Lose My Mind." Young was suppose to join him for this one last night, not "Unforgettable." But he couldn't get past all the commotion backstage with the guests.

9:46 HC: Drizzy played us & did 'Lose My Mind' before Jeezy came out... Now its 'Money to Blow' with Birdman.

'Ya'll make some noise for Drizzy Drake tonight!' - Birdman

9:53 HC: Mack maine & drake doing "Every Girl"... Drake's on his knees... air humping?

9:56 JR: The Young Money set is officially in motion. "Every Girl" and "Bedrock." Drake is joined by Mack Maine and Tyga.

9:58 HC: "Throw It In The Bag (remix)" with @myfabolouslife on stage, in a varsity jacket.

10:02 JR: Drizzy is slowing things now. "Ladies, lemme tell you a story," he said. Then he kicked the verse to Alicia Keys' "Unthinkable" remix.

10:06 HC: Drake invited a fan on stage, slow dances, takes off her coat & kisses her bare arms & shoulders. Don't worry, she's 24

10:10 JR: Drake is venturing into his So Far Gone catalog now. "Spend The Night," is booming through the speakers. He's carrying the notes like Vick does the pigskin over the goal line.

10:14 HC: Drake's doing a remix of "Shut It Down" into B.o.B & Bruno's "Nothing On You"

10:16 HC: Trey Songz singing "Can't Be Friends" *ducks for panties... Third time*

10:23 HC: "Unforgettable" No Jeezy. iCry

10:27 HC: Guess who? Jay for "Light It Up"! Maybe he read our RapFix post? "On To The Next One"...

10:33 HC: "Say Something" his joint from Timbaland's album... "In the city of the purple Sprite"...

10:38 HC: "Don't get too excited, because if you fall I'm not paying for that s---. They already trying to sue me for some s--- I didn't do..."- Drake

10:43 HC: "Best I Ever Had" girls going crazy, even dudes are singing along...

10:47 HC: Uh oh "Fancy" with @THEREALSWIZZZ, and this is the last song of the evening *& wave & wave*

10:50 HC: Just kidding, Drake's started singing "Find Your Love" & the crowd's filling in the "better find your heart" part...

10:55 HC: "Over" into overtime... More fireworks. There's a #drakeshand Twitter hashtag. LOL. He can get a lil Talib Kweli with it...

10:59 HC: Drake faux shoots himself in the head & falls to his knees. Tonight is his moment... "For the first time in my life I was a lil nervous..."

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