Drake's New York Concert: Will Young Jeezy, Birdman And J.Cole Return?

Last night (September 28) marked Drake's first New York performance on his Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour and our 1515 Boys Shaheem Reid and Rahman Dukes were in the house giving you a play-by-play live blog of Drizzy's every move. Tonight, J-Rod and myself will be at Radio City Music Hall tweeting Drake's set and ducking the flying panties from his rabid female fans. You saw how many 'I love yous' this guy got in our reporting from just before Tuesday's show? Get outta here.

But really, we're wondering if Drake can create the magic twice. No shots but J and I attended the second night of Jay-Z and Eminem's Home and Home tour, where Hov let (made?) Drake restart "Up All Night" at least three times so the young MC could find the beat in Yankee Stadium. We were a bit embarrassed for him... hopefully he can recapture the magic of last night's show tonight and its guests.

We heard Nicki Minaj didn't show but Young Jeezy—who celebrated his birthday last night—Birdman and J.Cole did stop by the famed New York stage. Still, if Nicki doesn't show, we might sacrifice our blackberries in the name of our disappointment.

Who do you hope to see tonight during Drake's New York tour stop? Nicki and Drake for "Up All Night," "Unforgettable" with Drake and Jeezy, the umpteen Birdman and Drake duets or a solo set from J.Cole? How about we throw in a wish for a Jay-Z appearance for hip-hop's sake?

Vote for who you'd like to see most and don't forget to check back hear on RapFix for our live blog and make sure you follow us at @MTVRapFix where we'll be tweeting Drake's show minute by minute.