Vote On Kanye West's 'Lost In The World'!

It's not just GOOD Friday anymore.

Another track from Kanye West's forthcoming Dark Twisted Fantasy (if he keeps this title) leaked onto the web this morning (September 29). Entitled "Lost in the World," the track samples Bon Iver's "Woods" and includes lyrics Ye spit during his social media office promo tour, visiting Twitter and Facebook.

"Lost in the World" follows "Power" and "Runaway Love," no Justin Beiber. Kanye performed the latter at the Facebook offices as well as premiered the track during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards touting Pusha T and ballerinas in complementary outfits. Toast!

The new song is topped off with the vocals from Gil Scott-Heron's fiery spoken-word number "Comment #1." On the Auto-Tune heavy track, West harmonizes on the chorus an interpolation of "Woods" singing "I'm lost in the world, been down my whole life, I'm new in the city, but I'm down for the night."

"You're my devil, you're my angel," he begins the song. "You're my heaven, you're my hell/ You're my now, you're my forever/ You're my freedom, you're my jail/ You're my lies, you're my truth/ You're my war, you're my truce/ You're my questions, you're my proof/ You're my stress, you're my masseuse."

The track clocks in at just under six minutes and features a number of musical changes throughout the production. The song starts off faintly with the Bon Iver vocoder-tinged sample before pulsating drums pick up the tempo. Midway through, however, the song slows down to a measured tempo as Scott-Heron's vocals fire through the beat.

"Who will survive in America," Scott-Heron's voice chants over and over before the song ends with a weak hand-clap that sounds like it was recorded in an almost empty room. We approve.

Word on the street, per Rap-Up, says Kanye's as-yet-un(officially)titled LP will be released on November 22, the same week as Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday along with a slew of other projects. How will we afford Thanksgiving turkeys with all the CDs we have to buy?