Drake Fans 'Excited' For New York Concert


You already know we hit Drake's  Light Dreams & Nightmares concert last night in New York's Radio City Music Hall, but that's not all. Before the Toronto MC's first headlining show in the big apple, we checked in with fans outside the venue to see just how excited they were to see Drizzy Drake.

"We've been anticipating this forever, ever since the seaport date," said two young girls and they weren't alone.

"I'm excited, I've been excited for months," said another fan with brown hair.

A gent in a New York baseball cap admitted that he was looking for quite a bit of success and talent from Drake considering all the hype surrounding the MC in the last year or so.

"I had high expectations out of him and he came up this year," he said.

That might be the understatement of the night. Another guy described Drake's music as a great cool out.

"Listening to him, it calms me, I enjoy it," he said.

Other folks had select tracks they hoped to hear Drake perform in person.

"The song I want to see the most, probably 'I'm Ready For You,' " said a guy in a plaid shirt.

"I just want to hear him sing 'Find Your Love,' it's a hit on the radio and I definitely want to see that," added the young lady beside the aforementioned gentleman.

But the resounding cut that most fans, women of course, wanted to singalong to was Drake's ode to lovely females.

"You fancy! Because my nails are done and my hair was done until it got humid," said a blonde woman.

Going to the concert tonight? What song do you want to hear Drake perform live? Tell us in a comment below!