Drake Concert: We're Live in New York!

By Shaheem Reid and Rahman Dukes

And we're back! It's the first night of Drake's Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour in our hometown of New York City and we figure that Young Money's star won't let the rainy weather stop his flow.

Drake's tour is his first as the headliner and he's said that it's also the first time he'll be able to perform Thank Me Later debut in its entirety. What's our favorite song? Hm... it's hard to say but we are holding our breath for an appearance by Drake's Twitter wife, Nicki Minaj. Maybe Jay-Z will return the honor Drake paid him not long ago by rocking Yankee stadium during his Home and Home tour with the legendary Eminem? Who knows, but the lights have gone down, the curtain's up and Rahman and Shaheem are in the building... let's do it!

9:15: "9am in Dallas" freestyle starts the show. Drake is actually standing sideways at the mic stand instead of facing the audience. Ok, he turns to us now. "Forever." Reaction is sick!

9:20: Any way you put it bitch I made it!" Drake just murdered "Show Me a Good Time." Tells the band to "break down my favorite song.". "I'm home baby." Superstar status.

9:22: You can definitely feel Drake's energy in here. Only special rappers have been able to perform in Radio City. Shows how big the Canadian sensation is.

9:26: Drake introduces himself to the crowd, "My name is Drake but my homey Lil Wayne named me Drizzy so if you put it together you can call me Drizzy Drake."

9:31: Six person band. Francis from Francis and the Lights comes out for "Karaoke."

9:33: Did the Snowman get scared off by the 80 degree weather in NYC?

9:36: Drake is singing Trey Songz' part in "Successful." The dude really has a voice.

9:37: Fireworks actually shot out on stage during "Fireworks." Dope. Band is playing a rocked out version of Young Jeezy's "Lose My Mind." Drake rapping his verse for the remix. No Jeezy!!!!

9:39: Birdman comes out for "Money to Blow." Audience rapping Wayne's verse for "Going In."

9:41: It's amazing how much the fans miss Wayne. Birdman playing sidekick during a set dedicated to Weezy F had to be the most energetic I've seen him. #Freeweezy ... 38 days left!

9:45: Mack Maine and Tyga for "Bedrock" and "Every Girl." "Hollywood Cole" just brought out J. Cole for "Who Dat." Drake and J. Cole on the stage!

9:50: J Cole on stage getting busy right now. St Johns alumn in the building. But for the last time, whomever is still looking to compare these two has clearly been standing next to the smoke machine and inhaling the mist for too long. J-Rod I see you!

10:10: Young!!! Jeezy's in the building after all. The Snowman comes out for "Unforgettable."

10:14: Drake announces its Young Jeezy's birthday. Happy Birthday, Young!

10:18: Big reaction for "Miss Me." They are going word for word with Drizzy's verse.

10:29: Girls going wild for "Fancy." "Go Cinderella!

10:33: The security guard working the floor came and sat down on the floor during "Find Your Love" and sang the lyrics word for word. #DontQuitYourDayJob.

10:41: Drake dropped to his knees for the fourth time tonight under a stream of colorful lights. Rap's boy wonder shut down NYC tonight. He's Madison Square Garden material now.

10:46: It's a wrizzzza! Drake closed out with "Over." Funniest part of the night: These drunk girls go up to the female usher and say they're lost. They need to find Drake so the can have sex with him. The usher gives them the "child please" look, smiles and says 'good luck.'