Drake's New York Concert: Will Nicki Minaj Perform?


Like the star he is, Drake will be performing for a sold-out crowd tonight (September 28) at Radio City Music Hall in New York. And like the stars we are, 1515 Boys Shaheem and Rahman will be in the house, giving you a play-by-play of everything Drake's every move.

Yesterday (September 27), the Toronto MC stopped by MTV News' new show "The Seven" for a chat with host Kevin Manno who surprised the rapper with an Lil Wayne on the phone, but not before Drake talked about his tour.

"I'm doing the states right now, I'm doing all the major markets and [tonight] is Radio City Music Hall," said Drake. "I'm super excited."

He also discussed Nicki Minaj, whom he recently "married" on Twittter, and Drake played it cool.

"That's my family, that's the love of my life," Drizzy said with a smile. "I love her very much, we have a playful relationship, that's all."

Still, the flirty 140 character messages between rap stars sent Twitter and Facebook into a tizzy, with the world proclaiming the duo had tied the knot. Of course, they hadn't and to Drake, the whole turn of events was sobering.

"It was crazy, we were joking around and I don't understand the power of social networking, clearly, so it was like a lesson learned that I clearly can't joke with friends on Twitter. That's out the window," he admitted.

Tonight, as Drake commanders the red velvet curtained stage of Radio City, we can only hope that Nicki Minaj will pop out for a smooch, er, a verse from the pair's duet "Up All Night" from Thank Me Later. We're about whatever man...

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