Lil Wayne Fans Decide How To Buy 'I'm Not A Human Being'

Yesterday (September 27) we asked Lil Wayne fans purchasing his new I'm Not A Human Being LP how they buy their music. The discussion followed an article by Billboard's Ed Christman (best guy in Queens, ever. Sorry 50) who reported retailers were feeling cut out of Wayne's album sales because the MC released I Am Not A Human Being digitally first. Fans, however, were split on how they'd like to receive their music.

"Physical albums are still the GOAT," said @Justz_Be_Me via Twitter.

Contrary to many retailer's worst fear that consumers only want digital albums, RapFix Twitter followers almost unanimously agreed that physical albums were better.

"Physical albums, either way you can still upload it to your mp3/iPod," said @ohmysndr.

But there were still fans that'd rather cop their Weezy LP online.

"Digital, stores can quit bitching and sell them 'online only' and still make money," tweeted MOLLYSARAHTM.

As for voters on RapFix discussing this issue yesterday, no one seemed to care how they get Weezy's music... as long as they get it. In a poll asking whether consumers would like Lil Wayne's I'm Not A Human Being as a physical or digital album or if they even cared about the form at all, the response surprised us. 46.53% of readers picked "Don't care, just give me the music!"

Someone should tell these brick-and-mortar music stores, right?

Despite the tears from retailers, the LP, released yesterday (September 27), which was also Wayne's birthday, via the web and is slated to hit shelves as a CD that fans can hold in their hot little hands on October 12 with two additional tracks. So all is not lost. We still have to wonder though, if fans don't care how they buy their music, why are physical records sales so low these days?

Why do you think physical album sales are so low these day? Tell us in a comment below!