Gucci!: 10 Ridiculous Gucci Mane Collaborations

By Chris Yuscavage

On his new album, The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted, Gucci Mane plays it relatively safe when it comes to guest appearances. Outside of a notable contribution from Wyclef on "ODog," he pairs up with several fairly predictable artists—including Swizz Beatz ("Gucci Time" and "It's Alive"), Pharrell and Nicki Minaj ("Haterade") and Ray J ("Remember When")—on the album.

But during a recent interview with Hot 97's Miss Info, Gucci Mane revealed that, moving forward, he wants to take some calculated risks and work with some artists that you might not automatically associate him with, like Andre 3000 and Madonna. He also talked about his recent collabo with Talib Kweli ("Poltergeist") as well as his upcoming appearance on the remix to Reflection Eternal's "Strangers."

In an effort to help Gucci Mane LaFlare spread his wings, RapFix hatched a list of collaborations the Atlanta rapper should look into recording if he wants to go from "Georgia's Most Wanted" to "America's Most Wanted." How do these sound to you?

The Collaboration: Gucci Mane and Lady Gaga

The Song: "We'Re wEiRdOs!"

The Concept: Gucci Mane has a song called "Weirdo" on his new album , and Lady Gaga, well, she should probably have a tattoo that says "Weird" on her forehead (word to her VMA meat dress!). Together, they'd make one odd couple.

The Collaboration: Gucci Mane and Katy Perry

The Song: "Big Birds"

The Concept: Gucci (allegedly, of course) used to move "birds." And Katy Perry offended Big Bird during her trip to Sesame Street last week. Let's just go ahead and slap a "Parental Advisory" sticker on this one now.

The Collaboration: Gucci Mane and Kanye West

The Song: "Gucci, Vuitton"

The Concept: Young Jeezy never did anything commercially with that "24, 23" song from a couple of years back, did he? (*checks Wikipedia*) Okay, cool. Let's run that beat back then and let Gucci and the Louis Vuitton Don have a go at this one. "Gucci... Vuitton!" can check right in for the pre-existing "Kobe... LeBron!" hook and since 'Ye still has, oh, 10 more G.O.O.D. Fridays or so to go, we'd say he could afford to take a chance on Gucci coming through for him.

The Collaboration: Gucci Mane and Ke$ha

The Song: "White Girl Wasted"

The Concept: They both like to drink. They both like to act a fool. And, most importantly, they both like to party. Anyone up for yet another four-minute ode to tearing up the club? Someone get Dr. Luke on the horn NOW.

The Collaboration: Gucci Mane and The Flaming Lips

The Song: "Read My Lips"

The Concept: Insert an incredibly obvious joke involving ChapStick and Gucci Mane's lips here—and keep it moving!

The Collaboration: Gucci Mane and Enrique Iglesias

The Song: "Me Oyes?" (roughly translated in English to "Ya Heard?")

The Concept: Enrique Iglesias sings in Spanish (outside of enjoying success thanks to the "Jersey Shore" theme "I Like It," he also has a chart-topping Spanish song "Cuando Me Enamoro" right now). Often times, Gucci Mane sounds like he's singing in Spanish (or, at least, a language that is most definitely not English). So, why not team up for a song that's sure to hit the top of the Latin charts and feature at least one "Me llamo Gucci!" ad-lib?

The Collaboration: Gucci Mane and Eminem

The Song: "Pinocchio"

The Concept: Remember when Gooch supposedly "went at" Slim Shady on Mariah Carey's "Obsession" remix? "I guess shawty mad 'cause he ain't got you no more/So just like Pinocchio, his nose gone grow!" rhymed Gucci. Hogwash! Gooch and Em clear the air on this track dedicated to—who else?—everyone's favorite Walt Disney character. (Sidebar: Between this and "Cinderella Man," Disney might cut you a check, Slim—just something to think about!)

The Collaboration: Gucci Mane and John Mayer

The Song: "Bachelors of the Year"

The Concept: Yeah, we went there. On this track, they contemplate what it's like to be 30-something and still looking for love. Sounds sweet, right?

The Collaboration: Gucci Mane and Darius Rucker

The Song: "Country Boys"

The Concept: Who doesn't want to hear Gucci Mane and the guy from Hootie & The Blowfish on the same record together? Forget about coming up with a concept. Let's make this happen now!

The Collaboration: Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy

The Song: "Too Icy"

The Concept: Why haven't these two worked together again? Ooooh, that's right. Because they've spent the last five years beefing off and on—and then back off again. Let's squash it for good, fellas, by recording the long-awaited follow-up to your 2003 hit, "So Icy." You can call it "So Icy 2" or, better yet, "Too Icy." See what we did there? Yeah, now you guys have to record this.

What artists would you like Gucci Mane record with? Leave us a comment below and let us know.