Nicki Minaj's 'Check It Out' Photo Gallery

We're big Nicki Minaj fans here—even if we are waiting for her to spit as hard as she does on features on a song of her own—and last week we caught up with the Nickster and The pair were filming the new video for "Check It Out," the cut they performed during the MTV Video Music Awards, in Los Angeles and chatted about the clip's concept.

"We're doing like an ode to Japanese culture and Japanese anime," said Nicki Minaj, sporting a large futuristic hat with teal and white trimmings. "I'm obviously a big fan and I've joined forces with the only boy I know that's able to capture that culture"

Dressed in a stripped shirt, light cream jacket and a silver arm cuff that seemed to conjure Star Trek, complimented his new muse.

"You can expect to see a lot of flyness, when I say flyness I'm talking about Nicki's outfits," said perched in a director's chair on the set of "Check It Out." "She's looking super duper fly!"

And if you're wondering if the Black Eyed Peas member and producer resurrected that strange plastic hat/hair net from the VMAs, he didn't disappoint! In fact, the black leather suit that made us sweat while watching he and Nicki Minaj's performance makes an appearance in this clip as well. And from all the green screen in the background of the shoot, we're imagining plenty of cartoons dancing around the two. What do you think?

Check out out gallery of Nicki Minaj and's video shoot for the Queens MC's new single "Check It Out" here or click the image above to travel to the gallery.