Rick Ross Calls Faux Sex Tape 'Flattering'


Originally, we were going to just give you a Rick Ross flipbook from his Miami video shoot for "I'm Not A Star" but then Sway asked us something we hoped to never hear.

"You heard about that Rick Ross sex tape?" asked Sway.

Um, what? And then we googled "rick ross sex tape" of course and found a clip of a round guy that did resemble Rick Ross. Rozay says it's not him, but there's a bright side.

"Man, all the females that's hitting me on Twitter, it's actually flattering," Ross said. "It's funny and it's good to know that fat n----s get p---- all around the world."

In the clip, which hit the web from an unknown source, the camera faces a bed with a young lady laying down. Then the Ross loo-a-like walks past the camera and climbs on the bed behind the young woman so we can't see his face clearly. Since the image is so far away, we can't really tell if it was Ross, but the chest area certainly looked familiar. But ultimately, we couldn't see the tattoos the rapper's known for which made us raise an eyebrow.

"I noticed that homie ain't have none of my tatts," said Ross.

And ink wasn't the only alarm that the clip wasn't starring Rozay.

"When I first saw the screen shot of it, I thought 'damn, my mom taught me when I was young never lay on hotel spreads,' " said Ross. "And they was laying on some cheap ass hotel spreads that probably had all kinds of s--- on it because you know they don't do them as often as they do the sheets."

Oh, yeah, did we mention that 50 Cent's website Thisis50.com was where we found the tape first? But they don't have any beef, right Tony Yayo?